My first post

Iam a housewife , with no knowledge of computers[I can just send emails and surf the net].My encounter with the blogs started with Nupurs Onehotstove blog searching for pavbhaji. Since then I have visited so many Indian Food Blogs.

Over the years I have collected endless recipes but  ended up making few.Basically I just hate to cook but the urge to eat tasty food made me hunt for recipes everywhere, friends, books , tv—-

I love short and quick  recipes, one meal dishes , which makes an exit from the kitchen faster.But despite my efforts I spend maximum time in the kitchen. Does that mean I love to cook? !!!!



  1. hi archana,
    stumbled on ut blog from hema’s… welcome to food blogging…. hope to see u come up with more recipes… good luch:)

    Hi Supriya, Thanx 4 visiting my blog. Iwill surely come up with more recipes. Thanx again for encouraging me.

  2. Yes!!! Its means you surely love to cook :)!!! Welcome to the world of blogging 🙂

    Don’t know computers???Worry not!!! Just sit 1-2 hours daily and you will be a pro in a short time!!! Thats how I learnt 🙂 I have never had any formal training on computers and not I am on my laptop atleast 12 hours a day 🙂

    It is a pleasure to hear from you.Iwas visiting ur blog even before I started my own . It is becoz of you fellow blog buddies I got inspired to start my own blog.
    Yes you are right I will learn computer by working on it regularly. Infact I created this blog on my own, no help from anyone. Once I get a camera(digital) then I can load photos. Thanx again.

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