We were staying in Nasik when my friend gave me a wine recipe.All the four years I stayed there I made this wine.There were vinyards close by , so in February every year this had become a regular ordeal.Once the grapes came my work started.


The fabric you see above, on which the glass is placed has been painted by me. I is a semiย  chiffon scarf.I paint on white fabric edge to edge giving it aprinted effect.

Making wine at home is easy except prior preparation is required .1. Firstly you require a plastic drum or a plastic bucket preferably of lighter colour, colourless will be ideal.It should have a lid also.I had specially bought one huge drum (in which you store water).

Choose the size of the drum keeping in mind the quantity of grapes, the amount of water required and enough space for fermentation.


2.A bucket to strain the wine .Ihad bought a new one because I was going to need it every year. Those of you who want to make in small quantities can use plastic container in which you store groceries.


3. Plastic net strainers. Clean kitchen towels.

4. wooden spatula.

5. Packing tape

6. plastic soft drink bottles

Items no. 2, 3 , 4 , 6 you will require only after 20 days.On the first day you require the drum and spatula and the tape.

Ingredients:-Black grapes-2 kg

sugar- 1kg+700gm

water-4 litre+500ml

wheat 250 gm

dry yeast- arround 1 heaped Tbsp

Method:- First wash the grapes ( along with their stems), spread them on a clean cloth .You can do this overnight. Also wash the wheat and keep it separately in a strainer or cloth.

Then take water I used filtered water , and boil it.Use the water only when it is luke warm.

Once the water reaches luke warm temperature crush the grapes in a food processor.

Put the crushed grapes+ water + half of the sugar + wheat + yeast at this stage. Stir with the wooden spatula .Close the lid of the drum and put the packing tape to seal the mouth of the drum .Mark the date on the calender . Keep the drum in a dry undisturbed place.

After 20days open the drum. Line the strainer with the kitchen cloth .If you put more than one cloth the better.Str ain the wine in the plastic bucket with the help of a plastic glass or a plastic jug . You may need some one to help you.Don’t wash the drum with water at this stage.It will look dirty but still DON’T.

Pour back the strained wine back in the drum. At this stage you have to put the left over sugar in the wine . But before that just taste the wine for sweetness .Put the sugar according to the sweetness you require in the wine.Everyone’s taste differs.

Stir again,close the lid and pack it up with the packing tape again.

Mark the date on the calender.

After 20 days again repeat the above procedure for final straining. This time keep clean n dry bottles ready. I used 2litre Soft drink bottles.Keep the drum on a chair 2-3 hours before you actually want to strain it. This will help in settling down the sediments at the bottom of the drum.Keeping the drum on the chair will prevent you from bending down every time. Slowly strain the wine in the bucket with the help of a plastic jug . Pour it in bottles. Don’t fill them to the top . Keep some space.. Use the wine after 3 months or soon after bottling if your hubby can’t wait. It tastes better with time .

With this recipe you will get around two bottles 2 litre each , or five rum bottles which are 750 ml each.

All those guests (some from abroad too) who have tasted my wine liked it a lot. So happy wine making to you all .One feels proud to say I have made it .



  1. Hi, lovely blog and a wine(!) recipe – will surely try it soon. Thanks for visiting my blog. g

    Thanks for visiting. Your blog is very good you write well.

  2. Nice blog you have here. Just launched and making wine already? Will visit often.

    Thanks Hema. Just making wine to celebrate my launch with you all !!!! I love to visit your blog.Thanx again for your support.

  3. That is simply amazing…Im glad i landed here, you have been making wine without all the fancy ingredients that are used abroad, i am quite tempted to try out your process. Does the fermentation give off a bad smell when the process is on?>

    Hi Nandita, Thanx for visiting my blog .
    Yes it is really easy making wine . Few prior preparations are required as I have explained in the recipe. Initially make wine with 1 kg of grapes.
    No no there is no fowl smell when the fermentation process is going on because the bucket’s lid is sealed with the packing tape. Only on the 20th day when you open the bucket you can smell the fermented wine and it is not fowl smell. It is a strong wine smell.
    When you strain the wine after 20 days you might get put off by the COLOUR of wine but that is becoz of the fermented grape skin. On the final straining day don’t disturb the bucket , so sediments will settle down. You get absolutely clear red wine.No one can make out it is made at home. Again however nicely you strain the wine on the final day(40th day i.e the day you bottle it.), you will find a fine layer of sediments at the bottom of the bottle too. Pour the wine without shaking the bottle that’s it.You will have to discard the last 1/2 litre wine in the bucket on the final day becoz it will be too muddy.Just strain the top clear wine SLOWLY.

  4. Wow I’m teetotaller and so is my family but will make it for my grand aunt. She wld be thrilled because I never let her drink when I’m around. She will be shocked to her bone when I take it for her. Will keep you updated.

    Make it in small quantity first. I have just put to ferment 2 kg black grape wine 2days back:)
    Wine is supposed to be lady’s drink.It is not so alcoholic like others are. Even I don’t drink.But I read somewhere red wine is good for heart if taken in small quantity:)

  5. I have started making the wine yesterday. Just one clarification. Should i discard the sediments during the first straining? Thanks for the recipe its very simple

  6. Hi Archana,
    Thanks for the instructions. i have followed your recipe but i think i need little bit advice on two aspects:
    (a) I have blended the grapes with the stock and i think little bit of stem also was in the food processor.
    (b) When i asked the shopkeeper for yeast in New Market Calcutta, he had taken out a small packet from the fridge and given me. When i was preparing for the wine i found it a little sticky and on my sister’s advice i dissolved the same in a small cup with the lukewarm water (same one for the wine) and mixed the same along with grape sugar wheat and water. Will the stuff be all right with the way i used the yeast.

  7. You know what ! U made my life…i love u for what u’ve given to me.. Im 24 n I liv in Indore..
    The first time i had wine is in Nasik.. Sula.. what a place–awesome

    Today the 18th April09 is 20th day i fermented my wine..n u knw what… it smells like heaven.. im sure.
    i cudn’t resist maself n i kept a bottle apart n rest I put for further 20 days..

    n the bottle is of Sula-Chenin Blanc.. ha ha..
    Thanks fo makin my life heaven…
    nex time wen i come to nasik gonna surely see u..
    I got lot o frnz ther..
    keep rockin’!

  8. Hi, Thanks a million for sharing your experience with all. I am from Bangladesh. I am trying to make it as my Hubby is very found of wine. And he was happy to go through that line where you wrote, “Use the wine after 3 months or soon after bottling if your hubby canโ€™t wait.” Now my wine is 60 days have old. Its fragrance is awesome. My Hubby is so so excited. It is not so strong. Can you suggest me how to make it strong in taste? Also little worried as at the time of final bottling I could not use fully dried bottle. The bottle were little wet. Will it have any effect on the wine?
    Thanks once again thanks for this easy to make recipe and thanks for sharing. If you have any other recipe of wine please forward.

    Thanks & Regards,

  9. Hi good morning , it was very good process to make a wine from home but i am having some doughts ,that’s how can i solved , is there any mail ID or any contzct number please , by using this process i would like to do business please assist in this way please.

  10. hello ! i read your blog and imma currently doing a science project. imma wondering if you could help us a little . we are trying to ferment our own wine too . we have the procedure list already . just tht, the amounts of the ingredients make up too much wine, much more thn we even need . i was wondering how much ingredients are needed for 500 ml / less then that is needed ? ๐Ÿ˜€ hope you can reply asap ! cause we are in a hurry ! ๐Ÿ˜› thank you very much ! ^^

  11. Right away I am going to try this recipe of yours
    it seems so simple and well I hope it turns out just like a good when I serve it. Will let you know once its done.

  12. I made some delicious red wine last year; the grapes were the huge black grapes found in NC.
    I have misplaced the very simple recipe i had cut out of somewhere for my maiden voyage . I do not recall having used WHEAT at all. what is the purpose of the wheat? All i used was grapes, sugar, enzyme and wine yeast and of course H20. The recipe called for 6 wks i think but i let it go longer because of illness.
    The recipe above looks simple but i am confused about the wheat.
    Could someone please enlighten me!

  13. wow thw recipie is just awesome,,, i did it my way but the wine turned out to br the best i have tasted yet…. thanks,,, now i want to make wine from rasins could u please share the recipie with me,,, n yup i made my wine in a traditional china clay wine pot..

  14. I used a thin plastic pipe to drain and strain the main jar to transfer the wine to the bottles. While tilting the Jar the sediments stir again and creates problem. I followed this recipe it came out good. Thanks

  15. I bought some black grapes this morning then searched my wine recipe books then the internet. Now I’ve landed on your recipe and will follow
    your instructions. Thanks in advance, I can’t wait!

  16. How come there is no negative comment. I am a home wine maker and can surely tell… the quality is unworthy. Why… because you need to steer the content every 3rd day for the CO2 to escape for proper fermentation. The right amount of alcohol released in the process makes a great wine. If you don’t know what a grape red wine should taste like… then why care to try fermenting… just drink it as it is with sugar (your grape juice).

    • Kitchen bhai i read ur comment n i truly agree with u… ive not tried making wine … but ive seen my brother making wine… he used to stir it occasionally or every odd day… he used some orange peels to make it strong… i guess its..can orange n lemon peels used in this wine… or can u give me the exact recipe for grape wine since u said u r a home wine maker… ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. My name is Ram Tavargeri & my address is :- 14, Juhu Jyoti, SBI Officers CO-OP Hsg Soc. Shastri Nagar, Santacruz West , Mumbai 400054. My cell no is :- 98201 29290. Land Line No is 26612038. You may feel surprised to know how come a 78 year Old Man has taken interest in making wine at home. It will take too long to explain, suffice it to say that , its not the age but the joy of entertaining friends with your own creation. My lemon Pickle, Raw Mango Chutny & Kothmir Wadi are so popular with my friends, who have been enjoying it Year after year when I organise get-togethers at my Farm House 18 kms from Karjat. I dont want to TOM TOM any further. I am going to start the process mentioned by you Step By Step. When I complete the procees I will revert to you to express my genuine appreciation at the manner in which you have given the recipe. With Warm Regards . Ram.

  18. An egg white mixed in with the wine after the first filteration will help “clarify” the wine beautifully… I have been trying different recipes and I was looking for a new recipe for this Christmas’ wine… will definitely try this out…

  19. is there any process of which we can make wine without sugar ? becoz I am a diabetic person so please advice

  20. Hello I live in Delhi, I came across your wonderful wine recipe, i wanted to know can I ferment the wine in this weather where temperature reach up to 38 degree celsuis? If yes, then for how many days should I ferment it?

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