Most of the dishes I have been making all these years are either from books , friends ,Tv. But this one was shared by my maid when we were staying in Delhi. She stayed in our servant quarter with her large family. Her name is Ja.. A very delicate looking, clean , she was B ed(Trained Teacher). Her husband was a Peon in one of the Govt offices.She stayed with us because of housing problem plus she did not have to pay any rent!!! Ja cooked and looked after my kids when I was out. I remember she used to clear my daughter’s algebra problems!!:)Iam not so good in Maths plus my time ICSE is different from the way they tackle maths problems today.

But that was a golden era in my life.I remember Ja.. too for all the services she rendered to us. The memories of those days come alive when I prepare this dish 🙂


12-14 egg size or small potatoes. (boiled but not overcooked)

1 whole pod of garlc(around 15 cloves of garlic)

1 heaped tsp of chilli powder


3Tbsp oil


Peel the potatoes.Make a paste of garlic salt and chilli powder, without adding water.


Heat oil in the fry pan. Add the red garlic paste. Fry for few seconds.Do not let it turn brown.

image108.jpgimage109.jpgimage110.jpgAdd the boiled and peeled potatoes. If you want to serve it right away then saute on high flame till the garlic paste sticks to the potatoes. The potatoes become crisp and red hot.


But if you want to serve it later, then after adding potatoes to the paste saute on medium heat for2-3 minutes. Before serving just saute on high heat till potatoes are crisp .

You can serve this as a starter , or a side dish in a meal(it is hot and spicy). This is a dry dish no gravy. Now my meme , very tough;)


I have been tagged by Hema . Thanx Hema.

I don’t know where to start. Ok here I go..

1.Iam a maharashtrian, stayed most of the time in north India. My profession is :-Iam a freelance artist . I design and paint on silks and chiffons with french dyes, to make wearable items. Iam self taught , no formal training. It just runs in the blood.

2.I hate going for walks as an exercise routine. I know it is the best form of exercise but somehow I detest going for walks. But I don’t mind spending 2 hrs mall hopping doing window shopping!!:)Very smart na..Window shopping is interesting you see. I get to see what’s new , colour combinations in vogue.

3. Iam crazy for bags . It is routine for me to check out which is the latest design in bags. I don’t buy them because I know Iwill soon become bankrupt then.But I don’t know what happens to me when I see bags displayed.Not only shops but even if I see a lady with a bag on TV, I go crazy. I wait patiently for the camera angle to change so that I get a better view. I know it is crazy, but it is beyond me now.

Nowadays my latest addition to window shopping is camera!!

4.Iam scared of the creepy crawly things. On top of the list is lizards. I just cannot stand their presence in the house. I always wished I could stay in a country where there are no lizards.Are there wall lizards in US? No na I am coming there. :))))

Then comes the snakes.We had 6 baby vipers living with us and we were not aware of their presence , until they emerged from their hiding places one by one. One from the shoe, another on the steel almirah(it’s still a mystery how it climbed that. We had OPERATION VIPERS. I lost my appetite sleep…always gripped with fear.Luckily I had people to help me out.

You all must be thinking where the hell I was staying. No not in the jungle but on the outskirt of the main city where it was more green.

Third is cockroach. Iam not scared of them , But one of them entered the car. It took me and others to get that thing out 1 1/2 hours.I can well imagine the consequences, if it had crawled on my feet while I drove. Hema this is the fear I wrote to you about !!!!!

5. The last is I love to gaze at sea and aeroplane taking off and landing. I am writing about them together becoz otherwise it will become a 6 point MEME.Till now I have seen sea only in Mumbai .But sitting there at Nariman Point is something I love.

I don’t know why I fancy aeroplanes at this age .My reactions can become child like if let my self go free. But I curtail my feelings to a big smile and WOW.I have shown you the craziest side of me. I will have to do a survey to see whomI should Tag next:)



  1. That was a lovely meme!!!!! Great knowing abotu you dear. 🙂

    Don’t be lazy and go and exercise 😉 ….. Just kidding 🙂

    Hi Coffee, Thanx u you liked the meme. I am going to upload the photo of ur chimichanga I made, along with the garlic potato photos. I have clicked them with my cameraphone.
    How can I disobey you Doctor Sahiba :)))I will be starting walk soon after the winters go;)

  2. Hi Archana! Nicely written meme. A designer? wow! You should showcase some of your artwork here. Creepy crawly things…I am with you on snakes and cockroaches! liz…i dont mind. 6 vipers?????? I would have been long dead with a heart failure if not their bite!!! And….you have almost been in the nail biting situation I keep dreading? Phew!

    Adding links is easy. Click on the link button (it looks something like an inverted 8)when writing up or editing a post. A window should pop up asking you to add the link. copy and paste the URL of the page you want to link and click insert. Thats all there is to it:)

    Hi Hema,Thanx. Yes I will show my work once I upload photos successfully.
    When we had those snakes I used to check each room in the middle of the night.(my hubby was not around, he was posted out).Once I did find one and I just took my a cricket bat pressed hard on its head ( it was very difficult becoz the thing was wriggling) shouted for help. The maid’s husband killed it.It was tough time for me.
    I will surely try putting the links the way you have explained. Thanx again

  3. he he archana… i had dozens of bags when i was in india but had leave all of them when i came here:(
    operation vipers han??? bit scary…
    and u r a freelance artist… my god!!! amazing… i love all hand painted fabrics. next time i know whom to contact for all info:)
    it was really gd reading ur MEME.
    and also potato recipe sounds really easy and delicious…

    Hi Sia,Even I am very possesive of my bags, can’t let them go:)Yes I was terrified when we had snakes as guests.We used to shake each clothing item and shoes before wearing them!!!
    You liked reading my meme? Crazy I am no;) Just keep the exaust fan on when making those potatoes otherwise you will be coughing becoz of the chilli powder in it.

  4. That’s a nice meme to read.6 viper..that’s creepy..i am glad they are out…:D.A freelance artist..great..i bet you have good collection of dresses painted by you.Garlic potatoes looks great.

    Hi Maheswari,
    I had a tough time with those creatures around:))I used to paint dresses but the fabric was given to me by the boutiques. After painting was over they stitched and sold them from their outlets.So I have no suit collection. I am painting scarves now becoz paints are imported french dyes and very expensive( lesser surface area to paint):)

  5. Nice me me!! archana. Nice to know about you.
    I too scared of lizards. But never seen any lizards in US.

    Hi Jas, Thanx. Good to know that even you are scared of lizards. I always felt I have ‘abnormal ‘ fear hee…… hee:))) Leave alone the wall lizard a monitor lizard the big one visited the garage where the car was parked once.I did not write this in the meme becoz then everyone will think I am staying in a Zoo!!! ha…haa …ha:))) I wish I was in US though!!:(

  6. Oh boy! You scared me with all those lizard, snake, cockroach stuff…

    Hee he he ee…I was terrified too.But had to face it, could not run away from the situation:)

  7. Those aloos are yum…gosh the viper story gave me creeps…I loved the scarf in your first post…

    Hi Anjali,
    Thanx for visiting my blog:)
    Aloos are hot too n they taste better the next day:)
    I had a miserable time with them around.This should not happen to anyone!!

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