I luckily clicked few snaps before gorging on them . I was so impatient that I took a clean tray to display it!!Coffee’s chomichanga I triedimage104.jpg



  1. thats a beautiful scarf archna. u r really talented. its really nice to see some colourful photos in ur blog:) keep posting all ur artworks with us:) oh boy! wish we were staying somewhere closeby. i love favric paintings and my experiment is limited to cotton and silk. now i can contact u to anytime to get favulous tips:)

    Hi Supriya, Thanx for appreciating my work.I am not an expert but don’t hesitate if you need any guidance in fabric painting. I was lucky to work for 11/2 months with a renowned designer, that helped me . I am still learning out of my own experiences.

  2. HEY!!!! Thats great!!!! I like your enthusiasm girl!!!!! Pictures give a whole new dimension to the recipes. 🙂 Thats really great. 🙂 Glad you liked chimichangas and tried it out. 🙂

    Hi Coffee, I am so excited about uploading the photos. It has made my blog come alive. The chimichangas were very tasty. The next lot I made them more spicy:)

  3. Archana, just saw the Wine post..looks great and scraf..looks mindblowing…I been thinking about trying out coffee’s chimichangas, you made me wanting to do it soon..:D.

    Hi Maheswari,
    Thanx for visiting my blog and appreciating my scarves.This was the first time I tasted Mexican food.Coffee’s chimichangas were great.:)

  4. Hi Archana,

    Just came from Supriya’s site to say a hello….chimichanga looks good, i love Mexican food!
    take care, will visit again!


    Hi Trupti, Thanx for visiting.Yes the chimichangas were very tasty, and it was the first time I ever tasted Mexican food!!:) Do visit again!!:)

  5. Just came to say hello! They look super tasty!

    Hi Gunjan, Yes coffee’s chimichangas were super hit!!! 🙂 Thanx for stopping by:)

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