I love short cut recipes.When I found this recipe in Nita Mehta’s cook book I was just too happy to try it . I have adapted her recipe my way, keeping the base of the recipe same:)

Generally I use the Jammu Rajma, the small red beans . You can cook them without prior soaking them overnight!!:) But if you remember to soak it overnight, then you save time the next day!!

The day you need to cook Jammu Rajma , take washed beans( not soaked). Put them in the pressure cooker with water 1:5 ratio (beans 1 cup, water 5 cups). Heat the cooker and give one whistle, off the gas . Do not open the pressure cooker for full one hour.The beans swell up and are ready for cooking:)Then you can proceed with the recipe. Do not discard the water in this case.


Jammu Rajma beans

But if you are using the normal Rajma soak it overnight, then discard the water in the morning, add fresh water and proceed with the recipe .


1.5 cups Rajma beans.(red kidney beans)

1 onion finely chopped

6-8 flakes garlic grated

1″ ginger grated

3 tomatoes pureed

1/2 cup curd beaten well

2 tsp ready made Rajma masala(readymade packet)

1 tsp chana masala(readymade packet)

1/2 tsp garam masala

1 tsp ghee.

2Tb sp oil

a pinch of kasuri methi

METHOD:-If you are using soaked rajma beans discard the water add 5 cups of fresh water.

If you are using the Jammu variety follow the procedure given at top , don’t discard the water and proceed.image138.jpg

Add salt, chopped onion , grated garlic and grated ginger. Also add 1tsp ghee.Pressure cook to give it one whistle. Keep on low flame for 1/2 hour.Remove from the fire.image144.jpg

Fresh Tomato Puree

Heat the oil add the fresh tomato puree.Cook the tomatoes till they turn dry. Add the beaten curd, ready made Rajma masala ,chana masala. Cook on a low flame for few minutes till oil separates. No need to add chilli powder because there is plenty in those masalas.image147.jpg
Cooking tomato puree in oil till it is dry


The final look of the masala .


Strain the cooked Rajmas keeping the water aside.Add the Rajma to the tomato masala . Saute for 5 minutes mashing some beans as you stir.. Then add the water from the cooked Rajmas and cook for 10-15 minutes on a low flame.

Add the garam masala and crushed kasuri methi . Garnish with coriander leaves . Sere hot with steamed plain or jeera rice.

Also check out the post Avery simple rajma’ written by CY Gopinath of




  1. ah archana… i love rajma and love to have them with plain chapaties. my mom makes delicious rajma. i have not tried it many times here. ur post was right on time. going to make this for weekend:) looks very delicious… i am hungry now:(

    Hi Supriya,
    Even I like rajma a lot .Now a days we get these ready made masala powders so each time you get the same taste:)) Such dishes are gr8 on weekends 🙂

  2. Hi arch, I made rajma this weekend too! Just love rajma-chawal. It is nice to see pictures with your recipes now. Your wine looks so good!

    Hi Hema , Even I like rajma chawal. Now I hve learnt to upload photos and also put link too!! All thanks to you for explaining the procedure to me 🙂

  3. Haven’t come by your blog for a while, you’ve got a camera now!

    Hi Sra , Iam using my camera phone, till I purchase a good camera:)My camera phone is ordinary so the pictures are not so clear:)) archana

  4. Gosh, I haven’t made Rajma in ages….your step by step directions are so helpful. The end result looks very tasty…I love to eat rajma with some tandoori roti, what a don’t happen to have a recipe for tandoori roti, do you??


    Hi Trupti,
    Yes it tastes gr8 with tandoori roti too. I make tandoori roti with the same atta dough we use for phulkas. But the dough needs to be a little softer so that with direct heat it does not dry up and become papad. You can make it with maida too but then I follow the Naan recipe.
    I think I will give a post on this so that I can explain it to you better.

    Tandoori roti can be made in wide mouth pressure cooker, Prestige cooker pressure pan. (the lid is not used). Nowadays we get here in India electric tandoor (I have bought one ).Then there is a new one for gas tandoor only for rotis. The electric one can be used for tandoori dishes too. I will try and post snaps in my next post and also how to make the rotis.
    If you want to give it a try , you can use the normal oven for this. Heat the oven along with the metal rack. Both the elements of the oven should be heated .
    Roll the roti slightly thick, not as thin as phulka. Wet one side of the roti. Carefully place the roti such that the wet side of the roti touches the metal rack(plate). Keep observing till you see brown spots on the top of roti . Then just lift the roti off the rack:) If you feel the bottom of the roti is ‘kachcha’ then keep it for some more time in the oven (off the top element). Or you remove from oven and place it on the gas just for a few seconds:)

  5. Hi, First time to ur blog and grape wine recipe did interest me :)Loved that scarf too 🙂


    Hi Shn ( Mishmash), Thanx for visiting my blog. Infact I have just finished mixing the grapes etc for wine. I am making wine of 2kg black grapes 🙂 The wine in the photo is 6 yrs old n tastes wonderful:)

  6. Hi archana, Liked the idea of soaking in the cooker. I’ll do it in my small cooker. sometimes we forget to soak the beans, this method is very useful.thanks.
    BTW I don’t find so many things that was there in your previous look. May be I am not good at searching.
    There is surprise for you tomorrow archana!

    Hi Latha,
    This procedure was ok for the small rajma beans (Jammu rajma beans).i have not tried it for others 🙂 Thanx for the lovely surprise 🙂

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