1. Archana: Thank you sooooooo much for this recipe! you’re awesome, now I can make the naan at home with my handy dandy pressure cooker!

    The Tandoor looks great…maybe I can convince my husband to get me one from India..
    Kaali daal is my fav. I will try your recipe for sure and let you know…sometimes, I can eat that daal just by itself.
    thanks my dear, once again!


    Hi Trupti,
    My pleasure Trupti. Any time you require any recipe ( veg) , and if I have it I will be too glad to share it.
    We have just finished the left over dal n naan for dinner (the naan dough stays fresh atleast 2 days in the fridge if kept in an air tight container) . Still tasted good. The dal should be creamy brownish red in colour. The left over dal from the fridge looks very thick . Don’t add water straight away. After slow heating it comes to its normal creamy self :)
    Even I can eat this dal by itself :) Infact the sabzi I had made was just left aside :)

    1. How to prepare the cream at home? Our family loves north Indian gravies, as i am in SouthIndia we dont get cream at all the stores. Also if anyone can tell me how to prepare khoa and gulab jamun at home.

  2. just today i asked my mom for naan recipe n girl u have got step by step instructions here… only difference is she use yeast and no eggs.
    now that electric oven looks cool… and loved maggi noodles chat also. i am on my hunt for maggi noodles… havent foound one yet but i am not gonna leave so easily ;)

    Hi Supriya ,
    Eggs are optional. I have not used eggs :) Yeast too is a good idea, it must be making the naan nice spongy.
    Yes the tandoor is cool. We could not resist the temptation of buying it when we saw it in Pragati maidan Trade fair Delhi.Those people at the stall were showing a demo of aloo paratha in this tandoor.The aroma which lingered there was enough for us to get attracted to it :)
    He even showed making sabzi in it, by just putting the vegees , and dry masala including raw onion n tomato, wrapping it in a foil and putting it to cook inside. It did come out well. Plus you can control the amount of oil you want to use!!
    You can try this in your oven too. Is your mouth watering?

  3. Tandoori roti in a pressure cooker! I’ve never heard of this. Handy tip to immediately make it workable for a lot of people.

    Hi Sra ,
    I have been making the roti in a pressure cooker for long.There is one new model which has come up for making rotis only on gas . It is a local Delhi made . If I get a snap then I will surely post it :)

    1. Tandoori rotis come out really good in a pressure cooker-have been making them for ages
      Am going to try out naan -don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work!

  4. Hey u have got an amazing stuff here….Naan !!! It was beyond imagination to make at home…until i found here!
    Thanx archana for sharing these quick & ready to go recipes like maggi chaat!!

    Hi Dhanya,
    Thanx, Yes it is pretty easy making Naan and Tandoori roti at home.The Naan dough will rise better in Mumbai becoz of the warm climate.You can give it a try :)
    You can try making Naan in the oven too :)

  5. Well, i never ever thought I would ever be able to make naan at home , that stove-top method looks really innovative and I will surely give it a try! Thanks for sharing!

    Regarding your pictures: I wanted to say that they are just about OK for what you trying to get across, i.e. cooking method etc. and I can see that the quality of the pics are commensurate with that you can expect from the type of cameraphone that you are using. But (and there’s always a but isn’t there!)I think the blurriness of the pics do not do the justice that the food and your method deserves! This is because the Nokia model you have has its optics set for wide field (i.e. focus on infinity) – and you are taking your pictures much more closeup – obviously because you are want the food to be your subject rather than the whole room. So sorry to be so cheeky, but if at all you could get a really cheap (say least 2 megapixel) camera, with focus (autofocus – or even possibly a “macro” mode) then there would be a really dramatic difference, and you woudl have our mouths watering even more than they are now!

    By the way, the role model for picture quality of Indian food is here:


    Hi Jag ,
    Just commented on your blog. I want to thank you for personally checking out my blog and giving such valuable suggestions,which I will keep in mind while buying a camera. Do visit again :)

  6. Arey sahi Archana!

    That cooker trick is cool.

    Hi Anjali, Yes the cooker works :) I believe there is new model launched for gas tandoor I will post its snaps.

  7. I had heard about about making naan in the cooker, after seeing your stepwise pics I feel confident to give it a try.
    My mom has the tandoor back home.
    Keep Smiling!

    HI Richa, Its very easy to make it in a cooker. You can try doing in the oven too. Just be careful when you are placing the roti in the cooker though :) For a start you can try it on an iron tava , NOT non stick, so that you can have full control while roasting it :)

  8. Hi Archana! My mom used to tell me about a friend of her’s who used the pressure cooker as a tandoor. But I’ve never tried till date. I love your enthusiasm to make it in the pressure cooker just to show us, even though you have the tandoor! Your tandoor looks fab. Kali dal is definitely a must try! thanks.

    Hi Hema,

    It is very easy to use the cooker. Just use a wide mouth cooker .The electric tandoor is good I got it from an exhibition.Kali dal turns out well. It is not the typical tadka dal :) Try It and see :)

  9. Ohh this is a wonderful idea to make Naan using pressure cooker…you are so innovative…Glad you posted this lovely recipe…you dont know you have helped so many like me who have the desire to cook home made Naan’s but never dare to tried :-)
    Thanxs once again for sharing such a lovely recipe


    This Naan recipe is perfect. It comes out like restaurants or dhabas. It is still not so warm here the dough did not rise well, but still it was not rubbery or chewy :)In a pressure cooker you can make two naans at a time. Same thing can be achieved in thick alluminium fry pan or the Prestige pressure pan . In the pan place the roti on the bottom base instead of the sides :)

  10. Superb!!!!!! I also make naan the same way….. but instead of pressure cooker I use my iron tawa. :)
    I liked your version of kali dal….. so will be trying it soon!!!!!!!

    Yes you can use a tawa . This kali dal tastes exactly like in restaurants. :)

  11. hey archana,
    yesterday i made naan, it came out just like restaurant, i tried on pizza stone but it was hard, then i had aluminium steamer, on that it came out superb, it was easy and fast. Now about tandoori, do i have to add milk sodas ect., or just plain roti dough to make.

    Wow thats nice Vanita,you tried making Naan :) I have never seen a pizza stone, but the naans / rotis should come out well in an ordinary oven too. For oven place the Naans on the metal tray provided :)

    For Tandoori Roti take ordinary plain roti dough ,made with atta, water and pinch of salt. Roll the dough slightly thicker than phulkas. Wet one side of the roti and proceed as for Naan.
    The dough should not be hard, it should be on the softer side :)

  12. Now if you wet then does it stick to the cooker and not come out because once I tried that I really had to scrap them;-( any tips?

    If you see the photos first one is heating the cooker. 2.placing naan on the side.3.inverting the cooker on the flame.4. this one cooks the side sticking to the cooker. If this wet side is cooked again lastly then it is easier to remove. If you omit this step then the side remains kutcha. Then you have to struggle to remove it.Try it :)Just follow the steps shown in the photos the roti comes off easily.

  13. Everybody loves naan in our house and i never know i could make it this way.I am definitely going to try out.Also,can you tell me if this model of tandoor is available in US.I have seen it in my mom’s house and works pretty well.

    Hi Pradush,
    I think these tandoors are sold through a distributer in US. Pl give me few more days time I will try and get the address/ph no. s

  14. Thanks for demonstrating making Naan using electric tandoor and pressure cooker. Can you please explain how to make Naan or Roti using OTG. I have Bajaj OTG, but not used for making naan.



  15. I made nan in the cooker. It came out really nice and tasty. The greatest part is the method is very fast.

  16. hello …

    thanks a lot for the receipe… me n my two freinds gonna make it the coming saturday… so easy to make it no need for oven.. as we are students we dnt have a proper kitchen like home.. so this gonna help us alot..

    thanks again

  17. Thanks for the pressure cooker idea.
    I make both kaali dal & Rajma in the same way.For a low-cal version substitute 1 cup of low fat or skimmed milk for the cream-nobody will know the difference-it tastes really good.Also,when cooking the dal ,drop in 1 spoon ghee along with 2 broken red chillies & grated ginger.Use garam masala[I use only MDH] if dal makhani masala is not available.

  18. Hi there,
    Never knew how to make naan. Finally I found yrs and wow,can do it in pressure cooker. Going to try it asap. Tq

  19. Hi
    I tried the tandoori roti in an electric oven at 200 Deg.Placed the roti on the trey provided as mentioned by you,the dough was on the softer side but it came out not as expected.It was very hard like a rock.
    please advise where did i went wrong.

  20. Please would you be kind and tell me the name of the electric oven, or supplier in India or even better a distributor in the UK.,,,

    My mother would love to have one of these in her kitchen,,,,,

    Carry on the good work…..

  21. i want to know sohan paapri recipe with photos. because i have tried several times from various websites but never come out like what we get in shops. it becomes either hard or very soft. can’t understand exactly when i shoud take it out of the heat or stop stirring it and spread on the thali.

  22. hi,
    it was really awesome i made it at home and it taste wonderful too, i just want to know this electric tandoor that u brought from exhibition can i get it too,,,if u know the location of the phone no can u provide it would be really helpful

  23. Hi Archana I went thru your blog and found it very useful. Thank you very much. I do hope you continue to blog and post new items regularly. Best wishes.

  24. Hi
    I have wanting to learn how to make tandoor rotis for so many many years, as I find it expensive to buy. Today wow I found the answer how to make tandoori rotis in the pressure cooker. I shall try it out and then give you a feed back. Thank you for sharing

  25. Hello!It’s wonderful to see the Pressure Cooker method of making Naan.I am not able to get it properly from the pics.

    Can u pls explain in detail once more?

    Thanks :)

  26. its great mr. kapoor ………u learn us the easy way of cooking……….. its good to make a naan in cooker also”””””””thanx a lot …………

  27. Good Information. Thank you for sharing and I want to share information about Tandoori Chef which is An authentic North Indian, fine dining restaurant, Tandoori Chef offers Hackensack and the surrounding area a wonderful taste of Indian cuisine.

  28. Oh my god !sir u r ultimate means I dnt hve words bt trust me your process of making naan is jst mind blowinggggggggg nd easy toooo thank u sooo much sir…..

  29. Hello Sir,
    Can u pls provide me some good recepies that can be made in electric tandoor as I have recently bought a new one after reading your recepies.

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