This is a Korean cabbage salad. I had it in a restaurant here . They serve it along with Chinese platter.This salad tasted so good that I started hunting for its recipe on the net. There are many recipes on the net , but I compiled 2 – 3 recipes to make one that suited me. Most of them had fish sauce and dried shrimp which is no no for me as I am a vegetarian.

Those of you who are non vegetarians can add fish sauce and the shrimps 🙂image296.jpg

Cabbage as you know is packed with vitamins and it boosts our immunity too.

When I was making it I found many similarities in our own gajar gobi shalgam achaar.The Kimchi is like a pickle to the Koreans.

Like we have our Indianized the Chinese food feel free to experiment with this relish by increasing , decreasing the quantity of chilli powder , ginger garlic, vinegar etc to suit your taste. I can assure you there is no scope for the recipe to go wrong .I made it khatta meetha and little hot.

Normally the Koreans ferment this relish.But since I have not tasted a fermented Kimchi I did not take a chance with mine. I straight away put it in the fridge . I believe it stays long in the fridge.

This goes well with the Chinese fried rice, noodles.If you want to be more adventurous make a Pasta salad, or use it in a sandwich like it is mentioned on the net.

I made the Kimchi salad today, n it is tasting nice. There is this mingling flavour and freshness of cucumber , radish, garlic 🙂 Try it.



250 gms cabbage (use chinese cabbage or Napa Cabbage if available)

Salt for cabbage -approx – 1 Tbsp

2 tsp garlic chopped

1 tsp ginger grated

1 tsp chilli powder

1 tsp soya sauce ( optional)

salt , sugar and vinegar to taste.

1 Tbsp oil refined or sesame seed oil

Few slices of cucumber , radish, and carrots.

METHOD:-Remove the cabbage leaves wash them.image287.jpg

Sprinkle the salt on the leaves, keep it in a colander for 30 minutes. Keep a bowl beneath the colander to collect the salted water.

After 30 minutes( keep for longer duration if you want softer cabbage ) wash the leaves well to remove the excess salt and drain the water from the leaves, or pat dry with a clean kitchen napkin.image294.jpg

Cut the cucumber , radish and carrots in small slices . Tear the cabbage leaves into smaller pieces.image299.jpg

Mix the ginger garlic oil and other seasoning together with the vegetables including cabbage . Check the salt .add some if required. Keep it in the fridge and use.



  1. Hi Archana,I have heard of Kimchi,never tasted it.Looks great.
    Sia told me about your Naan cooker method,so here I am!:))Thanks for posting it.

    Hi Asha,
    Thanks for visiting my blog.Yes the Kimchi taste nice 🙂
    The cooker method is easiest. I was making the naans in the cooker till I got the electric tandoor 🙂

  2. I love Kimchi, but the version I’ve usually seen is red, yours looks interesting.

    Hi Sra,
    I have put less of chilli powder in the Kimchi, that’s why it is not looking red :)While the original recipe had lots, but we cannot eat so much chilli 🙂

  3. never heard of kimchi(he he…i like the name:)
    thank u for introducing korean cuisine archu:)

    Sups I came to know about it when I had it in the restaurant.Even I am surprised how I landed in Korea :)))))))

  4. Hi Archana, the salad sounds yummy. I can eat anything with garlic in it, love it.
    Have a great wknd!

    Hi Richa,
    Thanx a lot, you too have a gr8 weekend 🙂 Yes there is a prominent taste of garlic in it .If you put moderate chilli powder , you can have it just like that. Thats what I did :)The Koreans put lot of chilli powder , but I reduced the quantity to suit my taste 🙂

  5. That looks really nice…I would love this as is! I bought some Chinese Pickled ginger last month, have you tried that?

    btw, where in India are you?

    Yes Trupti it tastes nice. I feel there are lot of similarities in taste with our own gobhi gajar shalgam pickle :)Chinese ginger pickle never tasted it . Is it sour or sweet ?
    I am staying on the out skirts of Delhi. It takes 50 minutes drive to reach Delhi 🙂

  6. I have also tried Kimchi salad at a korean restaurant and liked it…but never tried it myself…what a wonderful post , I can now try my hand on it..

    Also, I posted the pictures of muffins just now. Thanxs for being interested in the Monthly Cooking Tipology, I look forward to see your entry…


    This was my first attempt too in making the Kimchi.Yes I will participate in your event next month 🙂
    I saw the muffin photos , the muffins have come out really well 🙂

  7. I have been to Korea, and have eaten kimchi. Also – local shopping mall has Korean restaurants in it too. Kimchi is readily available everywhere in NW London. However, it is a very acquired taste (if you have not been raised eating it) in my opinion! Your variation sounds interesting. I would like to try it!

    Mine is a simpler version of Kimchi. I have never had ‘original’ kimchi, so I really do not know how the taste would be like :).Do try it and let me know 🙂

  8. HI Archana,

    I was just browsing through yr recipes for some lunch inspirations and … wow… I LOVE kimchi. The thing is that I have tried it several times before, with no success 😦 The traditional way is to let the cabbage ferment for 3 – 4 days prior to eating. Mine always rots or just tastes un-kimchi-like… So, this ‘quicky’ sounds very interesting 🙂 Actually, your ingredients look the same (except for, as you already mentioned, the fish sauce instead of soy sauce). Except, th Koreans add tons of PAPRIKA powder (the strong variety), therefore the muddy coating and deep red color…

    Thanx for sharing 🙂

    Hi Zlamushka,
    I never fermented the kimchi , and also added just enough paprika we could tolerate 🙂 Thats why the kimchi is not looking red. As a salad it was tasting gr8 . In fact I ate it just like that 🙂

  9. dear….
    i whould like to know where did i can buy this kind of recipe book. i can’t effort to look every day in inter net. i like to buy recipe book . please help me out. by the way i am from kathmandu, nepal and currently i am an in iraq.

  10. kimchi actually is usually fermented. That is what it actually is is not hot at all..Tried at a few places n at a Korean friend’s dinner. Wish there were good Korean restaurants in Delhi..

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