Nupur has decorated these apple roses on tartlets. I loved those roses because they looked so dainty and pretty. I followed Nupur’s recipe.

I did not make any tartlets but used vanilla ice cream instead 🙂

The rose were so easy to make. Thanks Nupur for sharing this lovely recipe . The recipe is here.image304.jpgimage302.jpgimage303.jpgimage305.jpgimage309.jpgimage312.jpg



  1. The roses are strikingly beautiful, look very dainty. Fabulous. Must need skilled hands. By the by, whats a mandolin. Thanx

    Hi Vibha,Thanx. They do not require skilled hands.You need to twirl each slice around each other, thats all 🙂
    Mandolin is the potato chips slicer, so that you can get a fine slice 🙂

  2. so pretty! Dessert looks like a beautiful piece of art!

    I could not resist making them ,Now I have something new to decorate anything 🙂

  3. Hi, I have seen Nupur’s apple roses and loved it .Urs look brilliant too….I cant take my eyes off of that pic…I think I will try this soon 🙂


    Yes you must try making them,they are so easy:)

  4. beautiful archu. u r an artist:) i dont have any doubt. by the way, do post ur handi work sometime:)

    Thanx Sups , as I have written earlier no expertise is required , it can be assembled in secs 🙂 Yes I will show my work . I got so involved with the blog that I ignored my painting 🙂

  5. you have talent, I have to say! good work Archana…..

    Thanx, but no skill is required to make these roses It is just twirling the apple slices around each other 🙂

  6. Wow, the roses look so beautiful that I would probably not let anyone touch them 😉

    Hey, thanks for visiting my blog and your tip. I will let you know after I try making those naans 🙂

    Thanx , the rose are pretty, very very easy to make too. Yes do let me know how your Naans came out, and do visit again 🙂

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