1. never heard of corriander rolls Archana, looks so nice.
    you have lot of patiency to take step by step photos and post it.
    Good job :) Nice presentation Archana.

    Thanks Jas :)these rolls are not much known outside Maharashtra . The procedure is quite lengthy so I had show all the steps :)

  2. They would taste delicious with coriander and such a cooling taste they have…a very good version of our Indian kinda spring rolls…very nice recipe Archana.

    Thanks Sushma.The rolls do taste yum :)Yes they are our spring rolls :)))

  3. what a fabulous post archu… i love it… stuffing with coriander…yum… i am gonna make this very soon… thanks sweetie for this wonderful recipe:)

    I just hope you all did not get bored seeing such a lengthy post:)))) Thanx Sups , do tell me if you liked them :)

  4. Never heard of this either.Looks delicious.I will try this snack.Thanks.

    Yes Asha this is one snack which you don’t get in all snack shops in Maharashtra. I noticed yet it is liked by every one . Probably people love to make it at home :)))

  5. This is a very new and really delicious treat. Thanks for your stepwise photos. Loved it Arch!

    Thanx Hema :) The recipe was little lengthy, so I thought I will show each step :)

  6. What a unique snack….! Thanks for the detailed recipe…makes it so much easier.

    good one, Archana.

    Thanx Trupti,you too have lovely recipes on your blog :)

  7. what a nice spicy snack. this is totally new to me, the stuffing itself is so tasty. I can see you took lot of effort to take such detailed pics. good one.
    thanks for the recipe.

    Thanx Richa,
    My family was very happy,becoz they got to eat it :))

  8. That was quite a unique one…never heard of it!! also liked ur step by step presentation.Appreciate u for all that effort :)


    Thanks Shn,
    The recipe was lengthy and confusing so I had to show the steps.Yes this is still not popular outside Maharashtra :)

  9. hey Archna… your recipe is really nice….. but i want to add 1 tip to make it more delicious…
    In stuffing if we add rasins and charoli/chironji with other mentioned ingredients the taste will improve.
    i hope..my tip will help you to make your recipe more tasty…

  10. HELLO,

    Thanks, for giving the recipe details, I ate this Pudachi Wadi so many times My mom has made for me. And now I want to give this procedure of preperation of recepe to my wife Mrs. Archana S Karnik. She is in food Business at Ambarnath – Thane. Ok any way I like to see the pictures of Pudachi Wadi since long back i.e. 15 years .
    Thanks once again.

  11. Hello
    thanx for the step-by-step recipe.I did it exactly in the same method, and got all the appriciation from my family members.thanx, once again.

  12. Actually this dish from Vidharbha region, In vidharbha pudachi wadi with thick kadi garam, test very nice.

  13. I remember as a child. 55 years back, eating these made by my mother and could not forget the taste. I was looking for the recipe. I have now got it finally and will make PW this sunday. Thanks for the help.

  14. thanx,
    iam a madrasi vaishnavite brahmin by birth and stayed at bhandara near nagpur. so my love for maharashtrian cuisine.when i got married and settled in nagpur, my neighbour called rajguru prepared this dish for me when i was expecting my first child. after 16 years and got settled in chennai i wanted to make this for family today. luckily i got the receipe from your blog. you made me remember my( g)olden days.

  15. This is one dish which takes my memories back to when my grandmother use to prepare it with her hands standing in kitchen for hours,slowly roasting the masala and preparing wadis. I must really appreciate for sharing this recipe with us ,this is mostly prepared in Vidharbha region of Maharashtra like Nagpur in my case ,if i am correct. It takes little bit of patience but the effort is worth the beautiful and super tasty dish.Do you have recipe for chubuk wadya by any chance pls do share it.
    Thanks for posting it.

  16. Hi,
    I have ttasted this Pudachi wadi at Nagpur recently , its tasty ,
    I want to know about some more famous maharashtrian dishes specifically from Nagpur ( Wade Bhat / Gole Bhat and many more)

    Pl some one tell it to me , so I can ask my wife to make those dishes at home .

    Hariprasad Damle

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