Sorry  friends I did not mention I was going on a holiday. I was in Mumbai for 15 days, and I have reached Pune tonight  .I have access to net  now !!!  Believe me I was missing you all a lot.

Before leaving Delhi I cooked and cooked and made drafts. So now I am going to post them one by one, clever no. 

So heres the recipe.

 Salad Bars are found every where in bigger cities  and probably in smaller towns too. People are getting so health  conscious  that salads  are favorites in restaurants.

Salads are healthy only if low calorie dressings are used.I have given recipes of dressings where hung curd is used. Adding cream to them is optional.

The first time I had one was in Croissant in Mumbai. I even tried making it at home.

I tried to recollect each item that went into it , did the preparation and ended  up  eating it all  for two three days 🙂

If you all venture into making this just select a few available items  and not go into detail.

Recently I got salad from a salad bar .This is not my preparation. Only the recipe for the dressing is mine. Obviously they don’t want to leak their secrets.After the photgraph session I enjoyed it thoroughly 🙂


1. Boiled sweet corn + little lemon juice+ salt +chilli powder. Mix well.

2.Pasta ( Prepared with boiled pasta mixed with tomato concasse +basil +oregano)

3.Paneer cubes


4. Sprouts (steamed), mixed with salt and pepper.

5.Lettuce leaves

6.Cabbage finely cut

7.Kabuli Chana boiled mixed with chaat masala + sal


 8  Celery9.Toasted bread cubes

10. Pineapple pieces


12.Tinned cherries

13.Roasted ground nuts

14.Finely cut and boiled french beans, peas and




Mix together 3/4 cup hung curd+ 1/4 cup cream . Adding  cream is optional.

Add 1 Tbsp tomato ketchup, 1 tsp chilli sauce, 1 Tbsp chopped capsicum, 1 Tbsp chopped finely onions.

Also add 1 tsp mustard powder, 3 tsp powdered sugar , salt to taste, 3 tsp lemon juice, 1/4 tsp pepper powder.


3/4 cup hung curd + 1/4 cup fresh cream

1 Tbsp Refined oil ( Optional )

1 tsp mustard powder

3 tsp powdered sugar

salt to taste

3 tsp lemon juice 1/4 tsp pepper powder.

Mix every thing.




  1. welcome back. Archana, how much you were missed, i think you cannot imagine, there you were enjoying holidays and here we were wondering what happened to Archana?

    Thanks Vanita 🙂 Sorry did not inform you all about my holiday plans 🙂 Missed you all too !!!

  2. welcome back!!!!!! So you went to my home town huh!!! 🙂

    Salad dressing sounds great!!!!!! Thanks dear 🙂

    Oh so you belong to Pune :)Basically I belong to this place only, but I have not stayed here much. I come for holidays 🙂
    Make this salad you will like it:)

  3. welcome back:) how was ur pune trip? hope u had gr8 time. very clever of u to save many drafts n post now:)

    Iam still in Pune :)Now I have got the hang of blogging so I made a few drafts of posts, not many 🙂

  4. hey archana, glad to see you back, missed you. So howz pune? do let me know what all restaurants you visit. Joshiwade khalle ki nahi?
    this salad looks so nutritious and yummy, loved the dressing. We are still lurking in the low twmperatures, but soon will be able to enjoy all these beautiful salads.
    take care.

    Missed you all !!Pune is fine, Still not been to any restaurants :)Where is this Joshiwade ajoon nahi khalle. But where in Pune do you get them?
    I just marked you can speak many languages , marathi, gujju, and punjabi too!! What is your mother tongue 🙂

  5. we used to get vade from the main joshi wadewavle stall near bal gangadhar smarak, deccan. Ask any local they will tell you. vade are too good, it’s fun to have them hot n spicy.

    Language? keep guessing… he!he!he!

    Yes yes I got it,will have it some day :)Thanks :)My guess is you are gujarati .Correct?

  6. Ohh dear u r back…Now i ll be on vacation:))I liked ur drafting idea…You know there is a edit time stamp option in wordpress where u can draft and publish on the date u desire!!
    Betn ur salad is looking simply cool especially for summer:))

    Oh I am still on vacation,you too enjoy your holidays :)Where can I find this option of edit time stamp (in managing posts?)
    Yes the salad is just right for summer,I eat it as a meal 🙂

  7. Hi Archana!! Welcome back…so glad to see your lovely comments, I hope you had a good holiday!! Mumbai, wow…I want to go there so bad..just to eat!

    I do love Salad bars…so much to choose from, and all the variety of dressings, I love to mix and match.One of my favorite Salad is fresh spinach salad-I add Mandarin oranges, red onions,corn, chikpeas, dried almonds, chow mein noodles and ginger-sesame dressing. it’s a delight!

    Take care,

    Oh Trupti I am still on a holiday 🙂 But in Pune now 🙂 I had a gr8 time in Mumbai.I visited good eating joints.One of them was Not just Jazz by the bay at Marine drive. It served only soup salad and dessert for buffet.Salads countless only 4-5 nonveg rest veg and soup one veg/ non veg. Dessert was just ok 🙂
    Your spinach salad is interesting .It must be tasting damn good with the various flavours in it.Once I go to Delhi I will make it.Please give the recipe of ginger sesame dressing. I don’t know how to make it 🙂

  8. Croissants brings back a lot of memories. Esp the one opp Eros at Churchgate. The salad bar didn’t do so well when it first opened but their croissants and pastries used to be really good.

    Looks like everyone is high on hung yogurt/curd these days! 😉

    Yes yes I had eaten the salad at the same place at Churchgate.Infact I feel the whole place is not doing so well.I never see a crowd. Probably at lunch time it must be crowded.
    Even I liked the pastries there :)There are many eating joints in that area now .When I reach Delhi I will give a post on these places .
    Everyone has become weight conscious,but luv to eat ,like me :)Hung curd is a healthy substitute for rich dressings I think 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by Manisha 🙂 Do visit again 🙂

  9. Hi Archana,
    We too missed you a lot. Hope you have a nice vacation.
    You are so clever you made drafts and posting now. Good.
    Salad dressing looks great.

    I missed you all too :)That draft idea is good no !! I believe there is edit time stamp in wordpress where you can choose a date to post it 🙂
    The dressings are tasty.Try it:)

  10. hello archana,
    nice salad, takes so much trouble to make, you know what is secret of dressing? They use mayonnaise and dash of french musturd. In india they use eggless mayo, Hellmann”s Mayonnaise is the best, its available in India too.

    Hi Vanita,
    Thanks, yes it does take some time to get all the ingredients for the salad .I will surely keep in mind the Mayonnaise you have suggested. I might get it at one of the big stores:)

  11. Hi i am interested in starting a chain of salad bars across Hyderabad to begin with and then really venture out as the opportunity i see in this business is tremendous. The problem here lies with lack of information at my end. What I am looking at is tying up with a good chain from either US or Europe and then launch them in India> Is there any possibility that you can give me the names of some good companies with whom I could begin to communicate and look at the viability factor. I shall really appreciate your input in this regard.

  12. Hello!
    its my first time when i am taking interest to cook food because of your salad variety and so many tasty dishes.I am really thankful to you sir.

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