Now a days every one knows how to make a stuffed parantha, even I use to make it my way, until one of my Punjabi friend Bal… told me how to make the mixture for gobhi, and muli . Since the time she has told me I look for an opportunity to make them.


Gobhi Parathas

Grate the( cauliflower) gobhi florets.Do not steam or cook them . Use them raw mixed with masalas . This is how-

To the grated raw gobhi add the following-

Add grated ginger / chopped green chillis / powdered anardana /some dhania leaves cut finely/ salt to taste/garam masala a pinch/ Mix well.


Proceed as you would with a stuffed paratha.Roll the small portion of the dough in a small puri put the stuffing . Close the mouth apply dry atta and roll.


When you close the mouth of the puri place this side facing down. Roll lightly .

Don’t get scared that it will tear.Keep sprinkling more atta it will never tear. Don’t lift the parantha to change sides . Your rolling pin will look messy and terrible, but just ignore and carry on πŸ™‚

Do not worry the gobhi gets cooked well inside.

Serve the parathas with curd and pickle .


These tips were shared by my friend Bal.. and they worked.


1. Make the stuffing just before you want to make the paranthas.

2.If you use freshly made dough there are more chances of tearing. Try using the dough which was stored in the fridge the previous day


Again use grated radish. Use it raw. add some salt keep for a few minutes. Squeeze the juice.

Now add red chilli powder/ green chillis chopped / ajwain a pinch/powdered anardana/salt to taste/ coriander leaves chopped/ a little garam masala.

The method is same as Gobhi parantha.

This is my entry for Monthly Cooking Tipology -A Food Event, conducted by Sushma of Recipe Source



  1. Thats a lovely recipe Archana. I love stuffed paratha a lot..thanxs for sharing a tasty recipe and tips

    I would include it in the May roundup.please send me an email with the link

    Thanks,Sushma :)I think I did send you the link around March end,but I will send it again πŸ™‚

  2. everyone knows how to make parats but everyone has their own way of making it πŸ™‚ so post as many as u want archu coz i love to look at them n drool:) never tried making them at home. call it lazy or just scared of end results πŸ™‚ sometime in future i will surely try these:)

    Try them Sups they are easy.

  3. Archana,thanks for the tips.I loved them.Using raw is a good tip and lot easier to handle than the cooked filling.Looks great.Thanks again:))

    Thanks Asha.Try them sometime they really taste good the gobhi gets cooked too.

  4. Archana, nice tips yarr. long since I have made muli and gobi parathas. you tempt me to make some.

    Thanks Sharmi. Make them ,Iam sure you will like them.

  5. hey archana, adhi joshi vade khalle ani ataa parathe banaviley, wah! love those gobi paratha. don’t wait for any opporunity, just make them for me anytime πŸ˜‰
    btw any other good places you dined out in pune?
    great one!!

    Arey Richa,mala Dilli chi athawan aali ani parathey banviley. Atta mala tujhi athawan yete, lawkar ye parathe khayela :))) You are too good with languages Richa πŸ™‚
    No could not go to any eating joint other than Vaishali. This time the visit was hectic .

  6. simply mouth watering !! Its been ages since I made muli parathas and never even tried making gobi parathas – always buy them frozen from the Indian stores !

    Will have to try your recipe and make some fresh ones for my kids who jsut love gobi parathas πŸ™‚

    Oh Abha, they are very easy to make.Just don’t forget to add grated ginger to the grated raw gobhi.They taste really good.I am sure your kids will like them πŸ™‚

  7. hi Archana,

    this is pooja here, visited your website for the first time and really loved it. The recipes provided by you are great and easy to prepare. I will try gobhi ka paratha this weekend. I am unable to find anardana powder so is it ok if I use amchur powder?Thanks.Pooja..

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