GHAWAN(riceflour dosa)

This is a typical dosa made in Maharashtra, but slightly different from the usual ones made in South India. The fermented sour taste is compensated by the addition of sour curd/buttermilk. It can be made instantly. Great for breakfast or snacks. You can make it into a meal too. No accompaniments required except for home made fresh butter .Use non stick tawa for better results.

Few days back I visited the mall the same place where I got the potato wafer (microwave) stand. That place has devoted one whole section for south Indian stuff,and bengali stuff( masalas etc). You name it, it is there. There I got this rice flour.I grabbed it because it was after good 2 years I found it in a shop.

So ghawan was the first thing I made next day.Try it . You will like the slight garlic taste and spicy dosa.It looks lacy like rawa dosa.

INGREDIENTS- For 1 cup Rice flour take 1/4 cup Besan ( bengal gram flour)

3/4 cup sour curd/butter milk

2 cloves garlic finely minced

1-2 green chillies minced

1/2 tsp chilli powder

salt to taste / a pinch of hing (asafoetida) / a pinch of turmeric powder.

some finely cut coriander leaves.

[rockyou id=67985055&w=600&h=200]

METHOD-Mix every thing and add water to make a thin batter.The consistency of the batter should be thinner than the dosa batter.

The tawa should be hot .

Make the dosa by pouring the batter from the outer rim side to the inside.Fill in the gaps.

First cook on slow flame.Pour droplets of oil on the dosa. Increase the flame to high. Cook for 1-2 minutes so the lower side is golden in colour.Change the sides so that both sides are cooked and crisp. Serve hot with dollops of fresh butter.


  1. My In laws make the riceflour dosa alot but I never got a chance to try it yet.. May be i would find this flour somewhere and give it a try.

    I really like the slide presentation.. makes life easier for others 🙂

    Getting the rice flour is a problem always.Being in the North rice flour is not so easily available. You liked the slide . I liked the idea too 🙂

  2. I tried this once from Sanjeev Kapoor recipies but it turned out so brittle, not soft at all like a normal dosa, it couldnt be folded ! But there was no Besan added to it. This time I will try your recipe and will let you know 🙂

    The slide show looks neat – I tried to add a RockYou timer to my blog but it somehow didnt work 😦

    This dosa can be folded. It can be made crisp too. Even I liked the slide show idea,which I got from Jas (Just for fun). I saw a timer in Deepas blog .Her link is in my Top Clicks .

  3. Hey, this sounds and looks gr8!! thanx for this lovely breakfast recipe. Will try this out sometime next week maybe and let you know!! 🙂 btw, am blogrolling you… hope you dont mind 🙂

    Thanks Ramya :)Yes yes do let me know once you try it out.
    Oh I will not mind at all if you include me in your blog roll. In fact I have already blog rolled you without asking you . So just go ahead , no problem .

  4. hey, ghawan ha shabd kuthey tari aiklela ahey, pan ata clearly kuthey athwat nahi.
    anyway tuzha ha quick dosa pharach awadla, lonee barobar ekdum mast lagel 🙂 quick recipes post karat raha 😉
    ani yes, te ‘puran’, poli kivva karanji kashyalahi chalel LOL!!!
    i think tu suttivar astana me ek rava dosa publish kela hota 🙂

    Aag Richa ,tu Punyat ghawan shabd aikla asshil . Mala tu marathit lihite khoop awadta.Chaan lihites. Loni barobar zakaas lagel .
    Ho me sutti war astana tuza Rawa dosa pahila hota. Chaan disat hota. Chav pan nakkich chaan asel .Tu bahutek bhaji ani sambhar pan kele hote tyachya barobar.
    Ata puran poli ani karanji ni ch khush rahav lagel 😦

  5. beautiful lacy dosas. very similar to rava dosa and neer dosa we make archu but ofcourse the ingredients are different here. thanks for the recipe:)

    Thanks Sups 🙂

  6. hey this is a good one for emergency dinners. will keep in mind. thanks for the recipe.

    It makes a nice meal . Only thing is you require sour curds.

  7. Wow this is new to me, will try out !! looks yummy!!!

    Yes it does taste nice ,do try it .Thanks for visiting my blog Aruna 🙂

  8. Hi Archana, it looks somewhat like a rawa dosa made at home, but I’m sure it tastes v v different, I’ve never had it.

    It does look like rawa dosa, but taste wise it is a little sour, spicy and garlicky .

  9. the recipe looks awesome n the best part being that it can b made instantly….oh yeah n i must mention…lovely slides!!! keep up da gud work!

  10. If rice flour is not available soaking the rice for a few hours and then grinding it in a mixer could do the trick. what do you think ?

  11. Hi Jaswinder Kaur,
    I have never tried it this way but it is worth giving it a try. The dosa should come out well.
    Infact thanks for this idea, I will try it myself one day. 🙂

  12. hi
    can anybody help me in fresh poato chips and banana chips receipe?

    plz i need ur support

    plz tell me the method in details

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