I love gujarati food and always enjoy the thali served in the restaurants. There is a lot of similarity in taste with maharashtrian cuisine, mainly the sweetish taste . Pickles again are my favorites. Mango chunda is one of them .

After last years unsuccessful attempt at making chunda, I was on the look out for a good recipe.

Then I bumped into Tarla Dalal’s microwave recipe. I tried it, it was a success. So convenient yet tasty . Just the right taste. Making it in the microwave hardly took time. I want to share this recipe with you all .



1 cup raw mangoes grated (140gms)

1 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder ( haldi)

1 and 1/2 cup sugar

1 Table spoon Chili powder

1 teaspoon roasted jeera crushed

1 Tbsp water


In a large microwave safe bowl combine grated mangoes, salt and haldi. Leave aside for 5 min.

Add the sugar and 1 Tablespoon water to the mango mixture and mix well. Keep aside for 5 min.

image637.jpg image642.jpgimage645.jpg

Microwave on HIGH for 3 minutes .Remove and allow it to cool completely. The COOLED SYRUP should be of ONE THREAD consistency.

The mixture looks like a thin syrup when it is hot, but on cooling gets thicker.

Add the chili powder and cumin seeds and store in a sterilized glass jar.

You can make Chunda by cooking method too. The recipe is by Sanjeev Kapoor is here.

I also dried fresh mint leaves.

Washed mint ,

dried on a kitchen napkin. After microwave.

image629.jpg image632.jpg


First wash the leaves drain the water and spread them on a kitchen napkin, so that the leaves do not have droplets of water on them.

Microwave a handful for 3 minutes on HIGH. Crush them and store them in bottle for later use.

I did not spare the poor rose and curry leaves too 🙂




  1. oh u cruel woman…u didnt spare any leaves and rose petals there LOL…
    thanks for the gr8 tip archu…everytime i used to throw more than half a bunch of mint leaves… i will surely use ur trcik and store them from now onwards

    Haa..ha …ha now I am going to use the rose petals in Kulfi 🙂 The mint retains its colour and flavour and is totally dried. You can crush them with fingers..

  2. Chunda!!!!!! WOW!!!! I am gonna try that tomorrow itself! Thats a nice tip for the leaves…… even i end up throwing away mint leaves sometimes…… this is a good tip!

    You must try , I know you will like it :)Every one is saying nice tip. I feel like sending it to Sushma for Tipology :))))

  3. wow great idea to store mint leaves. the chunda looks very delicious too!

    Thanks Roopa. Yes it is a nice idea to store excess mint leaves. The flavour and colour both are retained 🙂

  4. hey archana, weekendla kay kelas? beach war lagna, ekdum dhamaal hoti chunda chaan distoy microwave use karun ekdum patkun hote asel! me mint kapdawar takun 4/5 divas sukavtey, next time will use ur tip btw currypatta chan sukla ka. mala nakki karaycha ahey? pharach mast tip ahey!

    Amchya ithe weekend prakar nasto. Sagle diwas ek sarkhe. Wow beach var lagna hya thought ni maja vatte. Ithe baghayla nahi milat .
    Chunda mast patkan hoto.
    Pudina cha microwave mule hirwa rang tasach rahato. Curry patta pan chan sukla. Care ghe leaves la wash kelya var cloth var atleast thodya vel thev or pat dry. Mag micro kar 🙂

  5. hey Archana, can I skip the rose part. will do the rest of the method.

    You are feeling bad for the rose 🙂 Actually I have seen dried rose being used in Thandai and Kulfi. .

  6. Thanx so much for you prompts visits to my place,archana..
    Love your posts..
    I believe you and me are among the minority ones residing in India in the Blog world…right??

    Oh my pleasure I like your blog :)Thanks to you too. No no we are not the only ones residing in India. There is Anita, Anjali, Sra , Sailu, Deena,Nandita, Lulu,and few more. The links to them are there in Top clicks in my blog 🙂

  7. Chundo looks devine…my mother makes it sometimes…does not last long…~grin~…great recipe…thanks for sharing

    Thanks Dilip ji. The chunda is fast finishing in my house too 🙂

  8. Gujju pickles rock…this chundo is soooo good with some tikhi puris. I made some too, will post mine some other time now.

    Oh they rock. The chunda is finishing fast in my house 🙂

  9. This looks good. I am going to try this one. I hope it comes out OK with the mexican mangoes we have here. They’re a little too soft for my taste.

    Should come out well with mexican mangoes. Give it a try .Make half the quantity 🙂

  10. this is such a great way to store dried herbs. archana, why do your new posts not show up on food blog desam?

    Yes Bee it is a wonderful way of storing the herbs.The colour and flavour both are retained after micro .
    I think my web site is not registered in Food blog Desam. I may have to register it myself 🙂

  11. you did not spare rose petals too…?? cant tease you for eating curry leaves as I do not pick them out

    The rose petals are soon going to land on the Kulfi :)))Even I eat the curry leaves .

  12. Archana, chunda looks really good! Now try it the traditional way: cooked in the sun!

    Thanks Manisha 🙂 Dilli ki garmi will turn the poor chunda into chikki :)))). But it is worth giving a try .

  13. Chundo looks so perfect girl. Oh my my mouth is watering. I love it with chapathis and even with bread. I remember spreading chundo evenly on chapathi and rolling them and them aaahhaaa biting and relishing each bite. Thanx for the wonderful recipe buddy.

    Thanks Seema :)I can lick it just like that. Best is, it is spicy and yet sweet .

  14. Hay this sounds new to me….I always type this for ur recipe bcoz all ur recipes are very different and i love them all….MANGO CHUNDA is one of them..Great job

    So sweet of you Sukanya . Thanks 🙂

  15. Thanx for the micro recipe of chunda. Till now I ued the old method of keeping it for 8 days in sunlight but now this way I’ll be able to finish the job in jiffy.

  16. Hi, Archana love ur sense of humor..and of course the recipes. I love the chunda, and this sounds sooo easy. My rose leaves are getting microed too from now on. was looking for tandoor naan recipe, and this is how I came across ur site.. will be a regular now…

  17. Our gardener had plucked more than 3 dozen mangoes from our tree last evening. Distributed 2 dozens to neighbours and friends and wondered what to do with the remaining. Googled for Mango Chunda receipe on the net and your page showed up. Followed the receipe exactly and the chunda was ready in no time.
    I have put a star in my receipe book indicating ‘ very easy receipe’. Will share it with my friends.
    Thanks for the post, it was a great help. God blesss you.

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