Lasnichi Chutney and Varadhi Gravy

First of all I wish to thank Lakshmi of VeggieCuisine  for starting this wonderful event and Nupur of One Hot Stove for hosting this event for the month of June. 

This is my last entry for RCI. 

 Both the recipes are typical of Maharashtrian cuisine. Lasnichi chutney is  a dry garlic  chutney  which  can be safely stored outside, does not require referigeration.  It is eaten with  meals or snacks like Batata wada/ Vada Pav.Those who love garlic will love this chutney.

Varadhi Gravy is Chef Vishnu Manohar’s recipe, he showed on ETV Marathi. Making and storing gravies is not part of Maharashtrian cuisine. 

With our busy schedules this gravy comes in handy.This gravy can be used as a gravy for any vegetable, or can be used as stuffing for vegetables, or can be eaten as it is.

I have never frozen this gravy , but I feel it should not be a problem.


LASNICHI CHUTNEY-( recipe from Ruchira)


1 cup grated dry coconut

10 cloves garlic

2 tsp red chilli powder

1 Table sp Roasted peanut ( powdered) 

Salt to taste

1” piece tamarind dry and NOT soaked  (OPTIONAL)

Sugar to taste (OPTIONAL)


Lightly dry roast the grated coconut only.

Mix all the ingredients ,coconut, garlic cloves, chilli powder ,peanut powder,salt, tamarind, sugar,and pound it or blend it coarsely in a grinder.

Store it in an air tight jar. 




3 large onions

2 tea sp  ginger garlic paste

3 Table sp oil

1 -2 Table sp  thick Tamarind pulp 

A small piece jaggery

1 tea sp  goda masala/ or garam masala

1 tea sp  red chilli powder 

Fresh coriander leaves for garnishing

FOR PHODNI/TADKA -1/2 tsp rai ,1/2 tsp hing 1/2 tsp haldi.


2 tea sp Til /sesame seeds

2 tea sp Jeera  /cummin seeds

2 tea sp  roasted peanuts ( skin removed)

2 tea sp khus khus

2 tea sp grated Dry Coconut

2 tea sp coriander seeds


Roast the til  for one to two minutes on slow fire , add jeera roast  for another minute.Keep adding the ingredients in the sequence given above. Roast every thing so that you get a nice aroma and coconut turns golden brown.

Cool and powder it in the grinder.

Cut onions finely or grate them.

Heat oil and add rai , ginger garlic paste, hing . saute for 1 -2 minutes.

Add onions, sprinkle salt and  saute till onoins become pale golden in colour.

Add the roasted powder , chilli powder, haldi,  salt , tamarind pulp, jaggery  , and some water to make it to gravy like consistency. Cook till oil separates and rises up.

Adjust seasonings , tamarind pulp and jaggery to your taste.

Garnish with fresh coriander leaves.

Cool and store in the fridge / freeze or use it straight away .



1.To prepare  a curry-

Saute any vegetable or combination of vegetables  in a little oil till cooked add the gravy and water if required. Check the seasonings. You can add steamed vegetables too.

2.You can use it to stuff any vegetable.

3.Eat it as it is with bhakri or roti if you are in no mood to  cook. 



  1. My MIL makes this chutney a lot….. she also adds some roasted jeera powder to it. I normally get my supply from her when someone is coming here. 🙂 But I think with your recipe I can make it at home!! 😀

    Roasted jeera must be tasting nice. I will put it next time :)This recipe hardly takes any time.

  2. lasanachi chutney cha rang pahun tondala pani sutlay, zanzaneet distay 🙂 vada pav babrbor ekdum compulsory ahey 😉
    hee varadhi gravy pahilyanda aikali! karun pahin, padartha chan ahet gravy madhye. aajkal kaay freezing jorawar ahey 😉

    Aag kashmiri mirch ghatli ahey. jasti tikhat nahi faqt rang asa ahey 🙂 Me batata wada banivila hota :b…
    He gravy TV var dakhwali hoti, mala awadli.
    Heee hee he freezing karaycha me tumchya saglyan kadun shikle. Ata sarakha freeze karte. Tu sangitlya pramane me parat tomato puree freeze keli, wastage nahi hot. thanx for the tip!

  3. wow yummy my mouth is watering,we call this garlic chutney powder. looks delicious. thanks for sharing! both of them are great entries.

    Thanx Roopa:) Do you make a similar chutney? Would like to have its recipe 🙂

  4. kasala zhakaas rang ahey varadhi gravy cha….wada pav ani chutney, punyatlya divsanchi athavan zhali…..

    Hi Bhags,
    Thanx for stopping by 🙂 Gravy chi chav chaan hoti. Ambat god chav balance kele tar mast lagte. Me tar thodi watit gheun nusti khalli 🙂 Bhaji peksha mala ti ashich khayla awadli 🙂

  5. Its interesting Archana, though the ingredients are similar, but the way is different. Tks for sharing. Viji

    Thanx Viji 🙂

  6. I like the chutney mixed with fresh curds. Have never tried the gravy but it sounds familiar

    Chutney mixed with curds tastes excellent.

  7. The colour of the chutney is perfect. Vada-pav ani chutney…hmm.
    Even I try to freeze everything that is freezable. Sometime I wish I could switch the capacity of the fridge and freezer!

    Thanx TC 🙂 I specially made batata wada for the chutney.Even I find freezing really useful 🙂

  8. Two very versatile recipes! The gravy is very new to me!

    Thanx Nupur for stopping by:)Yes the gravy was shown on TV. It tastes too good 🙂

  9. Archu..2 “spread” entries for RCI..Great going girl!!!..Hmm and changing the banner with each and every post with that husky effect is really nice…
    Actually abt those brinjals,my mom in law makes it with sambhar powder(minus ketchup trditinally named ‘kathrikkai curry”) and it tastes great..I like more with that sweet,sour & garam masala(northy)taste…so used curry powder(store bought..he he)this powder has all the ingredients of the sambhar powd as well as a little touch of the ingrdts of garam masala..The sauce I used was maggi hot and sweet..Try it with sambhar taste better!!!:)

    Thanx Bharathy for noticing and appreciating the header.You are the only one who has noticed it 🙂
    Oh I will try it with the sambhar podi.You will laugh when I tell you this .I love the smell of the podi so much that I open the bottle just to smell it heeeheehe :)))) Crazy na 🙂

  10. Hi Archana..We love garlic chutney. My aunt who is maharahtrian makes a big jar gives us. So I have never tried my hand at it! And when I was in India I too usedto watch etv marathi and note down the recipes of chef vishnu manohar, I forgot the name of that serial, it used to come at 2 in the afternoon. Oh I just got nostalgic!

    That channel has become a paid channel so our cable wala has discontinued showing it. But I miss the show. Now I just can’t recollect the name of that show, my memory needs brushing up :)))

  11. hi the chutney n gravy looks really yummy…feel like eating right now….i never ate that chutney though

    Oh that chutney tastes nice and garlicky 🙂
    Thanx Shanti 🙂

  12. hi,
    i must try the varhadi gravy . My folks certainly wud like it. For a variation inthe chutney, in winters add roasted til. My daughter likes a little of sugar added to it at the end. Try frying coconut pieces in oil till u get a khamang vaas.
    Thanx , i luv ur blog. keepwriting.

    Try the gravy and let me know. I am sure you will like it.Yes I will certainly try frying the coconut in oil next time. Thanx for the tips. Keep visiting:)

  13. hi there..
    Would like to know how do you guys store curries n purees in the freeze? n how many days
    The curries anddoes it last…
    do you follow any specific procedure while cooking n storing it?
    please guide me to do so…
    Hi Ashu , purees stored in the freezer (where we store ice) can last upto a month provided you don’t have power failure often. In India power failure is common 🙂
    But I will suggest you should use it within two weeks.
    You can divide the curry in small portions and store in zip lock bags. So at a time you open only one packet. Otherwise pour in an ice tray and and make cubes. Store these cubes in a zip lock bag or a plastic air tight container.
    I like ice cube idea becoz you can remove cubes as per your requirement..
    Even green pudina chutney , tomato puree ,can be frozen in cubes and stored in containers.
    Remember to label the packets with the day of packing. It helps 🙂
    As far as cooking the gravy is concerned there should be minimum moisture in the gravy.Cook till oil separates.It should be a thick paste. Store only after cooling .
    Hope this helps you.
    thanx for stopping by , do visit again 🙂

  14. Hi Archana, I made the garlic chutney yesterday and loved it! Thanks for sharing the recipe…I’ll post about it soon 🙂

    Hi Nupur , so sweet of you to try the chutney. I will see your post 🙂

  15. nice, varadhi greavy, realy great. hets of to vishnu manohar i already tried his anothar recepies on ”e” tvrec…

    Thanx Pradumna :)Yes hats off to him 🙂 Thanx for stopping by, Do visit again 🙂

  16. hii, I like lasun chatni recepy. I want to know h to keep roti fresh for long time. how can I increase its shelf life.

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