Pumpkin Puri (sweet)

 Pumpkin/ Lal kaddu /Lal Bhopla is a familiar vegetable for all of us. Actually I had made this post for RCI, but could not post it.These puris are a favorite with my family.

The best part is, these puris can be carried  while travelling. they don’t get spoilt.  But mine don’t last that long as they finish the moment I make them.They taste superb when hot.


1 cup grated pumpkin

Wheat flour approximately 1 cup

1 tsp pure ghee

1/2 cup jaggery

2 tsp oil

pinch of salt

A pinch of cardamom powder 

oil for deep frying

[rockyou id=75152336&w=426&h=319]METHOD-

Heat 1 tsp ghee in a pan, add the grated pumpkin stir and cover with a lid.

After the pumpkin softens and is cooked add the jaggery and mix well.

Let the mixture cook till most of the moisture dries up. Add the cardamom powder.

Do not over cook.

Add 2 tsp oil and a pinch of salt to the pumpkin mixture.

Let the mixture cool. Add the wheat flour a little at a time to make a stiff dough. Do not add water.

Cover and let it rest for sometime.

Divide the dough in small portions. Roll each portion into a big circle .It should be rolled slightly thick.

With a cookie cutter cut rounds and deep fry in medium hot oil.

Store when they are cool.


  1. aga yhala ghargey mahantat ka? mala pharach avadtat, pan koni banavun diley tar 🙂 puris look YUM, yeoo ka jevayla? me ekda try kele hotey, pan tyache dagad zhale, don’t know why?

    Ho bahutek ghargech mhantat. Ye na jewayla , mala awadel 🙂
    Tu te mixture jasti shijawla asel tya muley kadak zaley astil. Mixture dry hoi paryant shijwayach nahi, thod moisture thewayach mhanje kanik ghaloon malata yeyil 🙂

  2. very unusual recipe. i’m sure they taste great, but you won’t believe this, i’ve never rmade puris.

    Yes they taste gr8 🙂

  3. WOW…..This is different try….Love it…I think i am going to try this one day…

    Does not take much time.Only thing is mine finish as soon as I make them 🙂 So I can never store them.

  4. My roomie Mandira, she used to make these ghargey and I used to eat, They can be stored for quite a long time. So on a sunday afternoon we used fry them and eat them for breakfast for the whole week.

    Yes it is a good idea to make and store. It is quite filling too 🙂

  5. Puri meets halwa. I have read this recipe somewhere sometime. But thanks for reminding it.
    Thanx Suganya 🙂 Plain puris are eaten with halwa in the North. That tastes gr8 too 🙂

  6. Ghargey….are my Aai’s favourite!Yours look just like the one she makes.

    I had forgotten these are called gharges, until I saw your comments. We too like them 🙂

  7. Creative idea…..i never taste pumpkin puri……Love your slide show…gr8.:)

    Thanx Kajal :)I got the idea of slide show from Jas of Just for Fun.The puris taste nice . Try them some time. Even I like your recipes .

  8. Don’t think I’ve ever come across pumpkin puris. Nifty slide show! How long do these puris last?

    These puris should last 6-7 days.They taste good 🙂

  9. Never tasted this before, looks a unique recipe…Thanks for sharing..and lovely slide show!
    . These puris tastes nice. Glad you liked it 🙂
    The slide show is an inspiration from Jas of Just for fun

  10. Thxs for da wonderful receipe….i had no clue abt pumpkin puri……..i tried ur receipe very yummy…….thxs ones again for sharing it.

    Thanx Mary for your kind comments :)Glad you liked it. Also thanx for visiting my site and trying out the puris.Do visit again 🙂

  11. mee keralite aahe,married to a maharashtrian.aapla jevan khupach aavadta.mostly maharashtrian cuisineach banavte.floridala challe.purya pack kasa karu ki toddlersathi soft rahteel.please advise.thanx

  12. I had these puris in a colleague’s lunch box and wanted to make them at home. Thanks to your recipe, these puris came out great. Mala avadle, khup chaan recipe 🙂

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