Punjabi Kadhi

34 thoughts on “Punjabi Kadhi”

  1. Hey…. I love the pakoda kadhi!!!! Never had a recipe for this one….. Now I am going to try this. I always loved it when my friend used to get it in her dabba!! :)

    Oh I am so glad you like it. Even I love kadhi a lot :)

  2. I love pakoda kadhi. I make mine a bit differently, I love your recipe, can have just those pakodas!!

    Even I love kadhi :)Please share your recipe with us too. Yes yes pakoras were tasting good and few were finished before they entered the kadhi :)

  3. We just finished the kadhi we brought from home – we call it majjiga pulusu and add veggies to it!

    Please share the recipe of your type Kadhi too becoz I love kadhi :)

  4. Hi Archana,
    Nice entry….I never try this pakoda kadhi…thanks for sharing simple but taste recipe.:)
    I think this pakoda also taste better with out kadhi. You work great for your post with rock slide show.:)

    Yes I agree that pakoras were tasting nice as it is:)Glad you liked the slide show Kajal. Making the slide show is also easy :)

  5. hey, kadi chawal ani rajma chawal are most loved wknd lunches in most punjabi households :) ani tu shevti ghee madhye dileli phodni ekdum mast lagtey ;) tuzha slide show pharach avadla, bharpur photo kadhle ahes :) lovely entry, thanks!

    Thanx Richa tula awadle he vachun bar watla :) Ho Punjabi roti jasti khatat pun kadhi and Rajma barobar rice asto.Ti ghee chya phodni muley ek chaan chav yete.
    Aag slide show bara padto method dakhwayla. :)

  6. I have never tried this pakoras with kadhi but whenevr i see the pics, its always tempting…i think its hightime I try this style!!


    Oh it tastes good.Try it :)

  7. Looking at all these RCI entries, I can’t wait to try it all out. I have never made kadhi before and I have been bookmarking all these entries.

    Thanx for stopping by Giniann :) Even I have been bookmarking RCI entries.Kadhi is really easy to make and tastes good too.If you like sour things then this is for you :)

  8. I have always had this in restaurants and elsewhere..never made it at home, will try it with your lovely instructions to guide me~~ :)

    Its easy to makeTrupti and a little different from our type of Kadhi no sugar in it :)

  9. We used to have kadhi regularly at our hostel when we were in college. Never tried making them, though. Thanx for the recipe…

    Oh it is easy. Thanx Ramya:)

  10. Hi Archana,
    I love punjabi kadhi too. Thanks for checking on me. Just got back to blogging after a break.

    Nice to see you back Hema . Really missing you:)I love the Kadhi too.

  11. Yes Archana Punjabi foods are popular all over the world. I love punjabi kadhi too. One my friend use d to make lovely kadhi and ur recipe is similar to hers. A good entry

    Me too prema . Iluv it :) Thanx Prema:)

  12. Hi Archana….
    i never miss punjabi kadhi in a punjabi restaurant… i love it and in my mind i was saying to myself, it would be nice if someone posted in their food blogs…. Now u did and am very happy.. will try it and let you know..

    Hi Priya Dilip,
    Thanx for stopping by my blog :)
    I am so glad that you like Punjabi Kadhi so much.Even I luv it. Yes do try and let me know. The recipe is very easy to make :)

  13. Hi Archu,
    You really ROCK nowadays with your entries for RCI..Nice to see that Khadi with blurred effect..and those naram garam pakora recipe..:)
    Nice of you to enquire about things around me..I am perfectly fine,a little occupied with marriage functions,guests coming ove r for lunch. etc etc…then a little lazy to cook and blog..thatz all..:)..
    BTW your photo was looking sooo cute with that effect in thrupti’s spice it up!!

    Hi Bharathy,
    Hahaaa :)))))), So enjoying the marriage feasts ? I know how it must be keeping you busy.Waiting to see you back.

  14. Hi Archana…Thanks for the recipe. My granny used to make it …she is frm north…really miss it here! I like the sour flavour in it very much! will try to make it. Thanks.

    Thanx Neelam ,
    Even I like the sour flavour a lot.

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  16. My Hubby loves khadi.. We are south indians.. I just wanted to try out for the 1st time.. I tried this recipe & the outcome was TOO GOOD!!!! Ultimately my hubby LIKED IT VERY MUCH.. Thanks for a good recipe.. I would like to add onething.. After making pakodas I guess its good to soak them in hot water for few mins before dropping them in the khadi. This will make pakodas softer…

  17. Hi, I tried the punjabi kadhi recipe given in the coloum and it turned out to a big hit. Every one enjoyed. Little extra stuff i just added a little sugar to the kadhi mix along with the salt and added a pinch of ajwain in the pakora mix berore frying . Super Hit!!! Thanks

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