Preserves for MBP

Thanks Coffee,  for choosing Preserve it as a theme for MBP now I can boast of making some very tasty home made masalas and jam at home.

I made –

Sambhar masala from Bharathy’s recipe

Chaat Masala from your recipe Coffee’s

Mango jam from off-course Viji ‘s recipe

Bharathy’s  Sambhar masala is too good. For the first time the sambhar tasted like sambhar 🙂


Viji’s jam tasted very delicious. I used only mangoes for the jam .


Coffee’s chaat/multipurpose masala is again a simple tasty, easy to make  masala. Now I need not buy it from the store .


This is my entry for Coffee’s MBP. Thanks Coffee it was fun making these recipes for the event.

Also many thanks to Bharathy , Coffee, and Viji for sharing such wonderful recipes.



  1. AH!! Love your enthusiasm girl! 🙂 Lovely entries!

    Thanks Coffee 🙂 This time the theme was quite easy and did not require patrolling as I had bookmarked these recipes long back 🙂
    Curious to know what would be the next theme 🙂

  2. Everything looks great! Now that you say “for the first time sambar tasted like sambar”, I want to run to the kitchen and make this masala 🙂

    Thanx Nupur ,my sambhar always tasted like amti before I used this masala :)))

  3. aga tuzha blog ughadtach toh hirvya vati madhya dark pivla jam ekdum jabardast distoy 🙂 photo phar avadla.

    teen entries kelyas, chan ahet! mazhi entry ajoon ready nahi, plan kelelya entry sathi sagley padarth milat nahit. me kadhi masaley swatah banaviley nahi, nehmi aai kadun magavtey heh!heh!

    Thanx Richa ,to jam aam papad /poli chya taste cha lagat hota.Amhi to bread var na lavta asach khalla. Tula mangoes milale tar karoon bagh. Mazya entries far sopya ahet lavkar zalya. Me pun adhi ghari banvile nahit pun aaj kal banvite 🙂

  4. Great entries..You have put in a lot of hard work:)

    Thanx Swapna, and also thanx for stopping by 🙂
    These maslalas and jam were quite easy and quick to make 🙂

  5. What enthusiasm! all the entries are great! I also prefer home made sambar masala…my mom always makes it at home and it tastes so much better than readymade ones.

    Yes I agree Tee, home made smells nice and fresh. 🙂

  6. How nice, Archana! I make garam masala at home, from scratch. Don’t use much sambar powder so buy it from the shop where it’s ground fresh.

    Thanx Sra, only lately I have started making the masalas , normally they were all bought from the store 🙂

  7. hey archana..that was quite an entry..3 things in one do.that too the most used ones..great!!

    Yes Deena I wanted to make more but had no time 🙂

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