Ek Toap Na Dal Bhaat

When I read about Shaheen’s Express cooking I knew what I had to make for this event.

This dish is adapted from Tarla Dalal’s recipe . By now you all must have got to know what a great Tarla Dalal fan I am !


To make this dish within the span of 30 minutes I had to make minor changes with the recipe without altering the taste.

These are the changes I made –

  • Small potatoes and onions were used in the original recipe for stuffing them. That would have meant 10 minutes gone in just cleaning peeling them. No no , so I settled for medium size potato and onion.
  • Originally the dish is cooked in a pan . I cooked it in a pressure cooker to hasten the cooking process.
  • I reduced the quantity of grated fresh coconut.


  • I halved the recipe.

Shaheen thanks for coming up with this interesting theme . Never in my whole life did I time myself and entered the kitchen with paper pen and a watch 😀


It almost seemed like I was entering an examination hall !!

I will call this dish khichadi since there is rice and dal in it and the name is too lengthy.


The khichadi is a little dry unlike the normal one. So it is advisable to serve it with raita. You can serve it with buttermilk like Tarla dalal has suggested.



0-15 minutes Preparation


10 minutes cooking


5 minutes for the pressure to drop in the pressure cooker.


Bang after 30 minutes the food was ready to be served 🙂


Serves 2-3 people



Measure 1 cup of Basmati rice and 1/2 cup Tur dal.

Wash both of them separately.

Heat 1 tsp ghee in a pressure cooker.

Add a pinch of hing , 1/2 tsp turmeric powder, and Tur dal in ghee.

Add 1 cup of water and simmer the dal.Do not put the lid of the cooker. Just cover with a steel plate.

Put 1 and 1/4 cup of water to heat in a another vessel.

Prepare the vegetables

Wash, peel and cut 1 medium potato, 1 medium onion into 1” cubes.

Wash and slit 2 small brinjals.

Take 2 tbsp fresh or frozen peas. If frozen then put them in plain water to thaw.

Wash and cut a handful of coriander leaves.

Take 1 Tbsp of fresh grated coconut.

For the Masala-

Take 1 tsp coriander powder and jeera powder each.

1 tsp of Badshah rajwadi garam masala ( this is my addition you can omit it ).

1 tsp if chilli powder.

a pinch of hing.

1 tsp sugar ( optional)

salt to taste

Mix the masala with the vegetables and keep 1 Tbp masala aside.

Put these vegetables on the dal in the cooker

Spread the washed rice on the vegetable mixture.

Take the extra 1 and 1/4 cup water which had been kept for heating, add enough salt to taste for the dal and rice, mix well.

Pour this water into the cooker. Put the pressure cooker lid.

Put the flame on high. It will whistle after 5 minutes.



After the whistle slow the flame for 5 minutes.

Off the stove.

It will take 5 minutes for the pressure to subside

When the khichadi was cooking I had enough time to micro 2 papad and prepare raita for my hubby and also clear my kitchen counter top.

For Raita-

Wash peel and cut half cucumber, one small onion.

Lightly beat 1cup curd.

Add crushed pepper, salt to taste.

Mix the cucumber, onion in the curd and some coriander leaves.


Before serving sprinkle the masla mixture kept aside on the rice. Serve the khichadi HOT with the papad and raita /curd or buttermilk, and some pickle.


This is my entry forShaheens Express cooking and Sharmi JFI Rice.

Sharmi is guest hosting JFI

The event JFI was first started by Indira of Mahanandi.

Its the first time I succeeded in ek teer se do nishan .



































































  1. YES!!! This is very famous in gujju houses! Mix it all in one vessle and cook it… there you have a meal ready! 🙂 Nice one Archana. 🙂

    Loved the recipe Coffee 🙂 Thanx 🙂

  2. Great archana! One meal for two events is a great idea.I admire you for that.

    Yes we just need to make small changes to convert an elaborate recipe to a simple one. cool!

    Ek teer se do nishan finally I did it haahaa. Yes ask me all the short cuts to a meal. I am a lazy cook 🙂

  3. nice of u to write the changes made to the original recipe too. Smooth cooking. its fun to see all these experiments going on..i too am sitting and timing every thing i make to see which gets done the fastest.thanks.

    Yes thanx Shaheen for this fun loaded event, which is making us more alert in the kitchen 🙂

  4. I have this TD recipe too.Sounds almost like Bisibele Bhaat we do in K’taka! Love it and yes,it is quick.Great entry for both!:))

    Yes it sweet version of Bisebele bhat 😀 Thanx Asha 🙂

  5. ek teer do nishan, good going 🙂
    khichadi changli zhali ahey, has all the ingredients in a pot as the name suggests, it’s quite filling & very popular. mala pan rajwadi masala avadto, veglach chan flavor asto.
    ghadeyal baghun swayampak laukar hoto, karan apan conscious asto vela baddal heh!heh! tu bharpur navin padarth try kartes, wonderful 🙂

    Exactly ghadyal baghun cooking far lavkar hote:) pun roj nahi jamat 🙂 Mala vatate ki blog che nav badla ve lagel. hate to cook tar konchyach angle ni watat nahi. Blogging mule sarkhi kitchen madhye cooking karat aste. 😀

  6. I too make something like this when in real hurry. works great in hawkins pressure cooker. I dont have it here but got good tips from you. lovely name too. thanks for the lovely entry.

    Thanx Sharmi 🙂

  7. Archana… sahi ahe….. the comment about entering an examination hall was funny…. khichdi ekdum mast ahe…. mostly Gujarati loka sadhi khichdi banavtat…. rarely masala ki bhajya taktat… this is a variation… pretty cool…kadhi try karin- soppi ani saral ahe:)

    haaa haa it was like exam hall :)) Thanx Priyanka . Try kar khoop sopi ahey 🙂

  8. Hey Archana, every blog I am visiting are participating in this event and I am loving reading all these ‘jhatpat’ recipies ( since I dont like slogging in the kitchen for long ). I will try this new kichdi you have posted – looks very nutrious without compromising on taste and it takes less than 30 mins !! What more can I ask for ?

    thanks for this lady who had the brilliant idea of ‘express cooking’ event. all of you food bloggers are getting creative, cooking express meals and I am enjoying bookmarking these express meals ideas 🙂

    Hi Abha ,
    Even I hate to be in the kitchen for long. So its nice of Shaheen to come up with this event now I can have a whole range of short cut meals 🙂

  9. hi,
    Nice theme of express cooking. Feels nice to know, many like me, hate to be bound to the kitchen. Thanx for this khichadi. Should taste great.

    Hi Vibha, so nice to see you 🙂 Oh nice theme no. Perfect for a person like me who does not like cooking 🙂 khichadi tastes nice. Try it 🙂

  10. kadhi ani khichade ekam mast ahey….bhajya takun me kadhi banavileli nahi, pan ata prayantna karen……idea ekdam mast ahey

    Bhaji ghalun kadhi karun bagh mast lagte. Thanx Bhags:)

  11. Thats a nice quick recipe. I will omit the brinjal as we dont like it very much.Thanks.

    Thanx Neelam 🙂 Even I took out the brinjal from the dish after the clicking pictures:)

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