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You can request for a recipe or ask any queries regarding recipes. I will  surely try and help you 🙂


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  2. Hi Archana!
    Looks like you are on a very leave just like me.Hope everything is fine.
    Thank you very much for the paneer recipies.SO VERY SWEET OF YOU.Just tried paneer tikkas and i wanted you to know that they came out very yummy.We just loved them.Thank you again.Take care.

    Hi Satya,

    I got your mail too long back but sorry could not reply to it.Yes I am on a long break and everything is fine 🙂
    I am so happy you liked the paneer recipes. Thanks for contacting me and letting me know 🙂

    Take care

  3. HI,
    Could you please get me the recipe of chicken or vegetable sizzlers as I have cheked everywhere on internet but no use. If you are from Bombay I am sure you know KOBE restaurant just like we have YOKO in Dubai their sizzlers are Yummy. Ps get me the recipe. Thanks sweetie

  4. Hi Archana,
    I don’t know whether you remember me but we were together in Manesar and our wedding anniversary falls on the same day.
    So, have a nice time in London.
    Keep in touch.

  5. Hi Leena,

    I have not forgotten you my dear.Will always remember you all. Happy Anniversary to you too.
    I will e mail you once I get free.
    Thanks for the wishes :))

  6. hi, came upon your blog by chance. wondered if you can help me. am planning a kitty party for 17 friends next week. menu planned is paapdi chat, tikki chat, dahi bhalle& gaajar ka halwa. wanted authentic things that go in to make the two chats.

  7. Hi Archana, Pahele me tuje thanks kahena chahoongi. Jab aapki recipe banane lagi hu mere hubby aur bachhe bahar ka khana mano ki bhol hi gaye hai. Meri dono betiyin ko kaheti hu ki khana banana hai tau mujse nahi directly aapki site hi khol le. Thanks a lot.Bye take care.

  8. Hi,

    I am looking for good salad bars in Mumbai ,can anybody pls suggest me where i can get low calorie fresh salads ?


  9. Hi

    Remember me?? Hope you are fine. I ve left my email, but I dont know yours. i think about you often, especially when I find a new recipe. And also when I go to Spencers. I see its been a while since you blogged, so hope you get this.

    Please do drop me a line if you see this.


  10. Really appreciate your website and the recipes. Just curious, where can I get a 110 V Electric Tandoor and what would be its rough cost.



  11. Hi Archana
    Impressed by your site. Do you have a recipe for the Maharashtrian naaral chi kari? Would like to have the traditional method.

  12. Hi,
    I just visited your site and loved it. Most of your recipes are similar to my grandmother’s recipes.
    Please email me so that I can able to keep in touch with you.
    All the best.

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  14. hi There

    Can anyone tell me how to prepare khoa , gulab jamun at home. Also kindly give me recipe for preparing at home, the cream used for dalmakhni(kali daal) recipe given in your blog.

  15. Hi Archana,

    I tried the naan recipe in ur blog, it turned out great in the first time itself. Thanks a lot.

  16. Dear Archana,
    Reaally nice recipes , the kinds which can b easily whipped up.Grr8 4 vegetarians . Keep it up TC.

  17. Hi can you please tell me from wer I can purchase an electric tandoor 110v. I am in US.. do let me know if you can help. Thanks

  18. Hi can you please tell me from wer I can purchase an electric tandoor 110v. I am in US.. do let me know if you can help. Thanks in advance

  19. Hi,

    I have asked some queries in the comments on Home Made Chocolate recipe. Please reply asap. I plan to make it this weekend.


    • Hi Aakriti,
      The butter should be unsalted and should be at room temperature only soft and not melted.
      Just remove the butter from the fridge before you star making the chocolate.Do not heat it to soften it. Even if it is a little hard it is bound to melt when it comes in contact with the hot mixture.
      This mixture should yield 20 odd pieces.Sorry cant give the exact figure.

  20. i am a puneite and recently came across your recipe on making lemon squash without preservative. This time around the lemons in the market are bigger and cheaper hence i would like to make some squash. i would like to know whether we can use the empty squash or soft drinks plastic bottles? Cleaning them with boiling water would then be impossible, so how to sterilise them?

    • Its ok to use the soft drink bottles.Just wash them clean with normal dish wash soap and normal tap water.Let them air dry by keeping them upside down.No need to sterilize them because you just can’t.They should be just properly dried. You will need to wash the bottles at least two to three days before you plan to make the squash so that you get dry bottles ready to use.

      • Hey Archana, where have you disappeared? kuthey ahes? saw your response here & am happy to see you are active here 😉 tu FB war ahes ka? email me if you get a chance, take care!

  21. dear , i made wine recepie in glass bottle , came out with out any trouble , only sweetness was very high – how to reduce sweetness at this time ?
    how to measure SG of wine ?
    how to measure Alchohol content ?

    • I don’t know how to measure the alcohol content.As for the sweetness I have already mentioned how much sugar should be added if you feel the wine tastes sweet after 20days opening

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  23. Dear Archana, I read your Lemon Squash No Preservatives Added recipe. My nani was pestering me to find a recipe for Shikanji which has to be kept in the sun. She remembered making one when she was younger. Just wanted to know… there is no measurement ratio of sugar and lemons? Also, when we add the lemons in the first instance, we fill it till the sugar is there… at what speed should one pour the lemons?

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