Mango Chunda ( cooking method)


This one is from Sanjeev Kapoor   made by cooking on fire.


1 Kg Raw Mango

4 Tb sp salt

1 and 1/2 kg sugar

1/2 tsp haldi

2-3 Tb sp Red chili powder

2 T bsp roasted and crushed jeera/ cummin seeds


Wash ,wipe dry , peel and grate mango.

Put the grated mango , salt, sugar, and haldi in a thick bottomed vessel. Mix well and keep aside for 15 -20 min or till the sugar dissolves and the mixture looks syrupy.

Cook the mixture till the syrup is of one string consistency.

Cool and add roasted jeera and red chili powder . Store in a sterilized bottle.


  1. Dear Mr. Sanjeev Kumar,
    I am hooked to your recipes because they are easy to make and turn out good! I also watch your programs on
    Zee over the weekend. Best regards. Mrs. J. Lobo c/o

    Hi Mrs Lobo. So nice of you to visit this site. even I am fond of Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipes.
    If you want to contact him you can do that on his cookery site.

  2. Dear Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor,

    My mango chunda got crystallized the next day. How can I rectify the same, i.e., liquidize it a little bit?

    Thanks a lot.


  3. hi ur receipe was was very nice but my problem is the syrup has become very thick please help my what’s app no is 9588626467 I am reshma

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