*Going Lite For MBP

The theme for Monthly Blog Patrolling MBP June is ‘Going Lite ‘ conducted by Coffee.

This month I took the theme too seriously with a record break of making four lite recipes from my blogger friends.After last month’s waist bulging recipes it was fun making these lite recipes.

RICHA’S Misal was so tasty with all the chutneys and farsan. It was a meal and yet a chat item. We had it with sandwiches instead of Pav to make a meal.

I followed her recipe , it is perfect.

SIA’S Grilled Vegetables were again tasty and healthy. But I think I over grilled them that made them limp.

But Sia’s vegees are looking just right, with lovely presentation.

BHARATHY’S Sambhar was really yummy ! We had it with rice.

This is the first time my sambhar tasted like sambhar.

Her sambhar recipe is flawless plus it does not require fresh coconut etc, just the basic ingredients.

She gave the recipe of sambhar podi too .So I followed both the recipes ( sambhar podi and sambhar) to get this delicious sambhar.

ANITA’S Matar Kulche were again too tasty and chatpata and yet oil free. Her recipe is very easy to make .

I got kulche from the stores and it was a filling meal for us.

So Coffee what is next month’s theme ? You have managed to control our weight , thanx :))


  1. And I am happy I could!! 🙂 You are indeed going lite my dear!! 🙂 Thanks for these lovely entries.
    Sia’s link is not working.

    Thanks for pointing out Coffee, but I just could not get the link right still. So I linked it to her site.Also thanks for choosing this theme. I enjoyed making and eating all these wonderful dishes and keeping our weight under control 🙂

  2. Amazing updations!!!Really Really nice of you to adapt recipes all around,that too contributed to an event!!!Way to go dear!You are born to be a blogger and a wonderful cook!!!Dont ever have that phrase,Luv to eat but hate to cook,again..coz you are such a woderful blogger and Cook!!!!!:D

    Oh Bharathy ,you did not notice one common thing they are all short cut, one dish meals. I am always on the look out for such recipes which makes the exit from the kitchen faster heee hee he
    I don’t know but I hate to cook an elaborate meal , my site name matches with my habits:)

  3. Nice Entries. And i agree they are lite 🙂 Viji

    Thanks Viji 🙂 they were all lite ,very little oil used.Anita’s Matar Kulche is oil free.

  4. I still haven’t tasted misal – when we went to Goa, I saw it on the breakfast menu but it was never available

    Sra then you come over to my place I will make misal for you 🙂 It is a healthy dish ,you can choose how much oil to use and it is full of protein. It has all the taste of a bhel chatpata 🙂

  5. hey, all the dishes look yum, you sure were cooking it up 🙂 i’m so glad you enjoyed the misal, thanks for trying! amchya ithey cousins barobar get togethers madhye misal chi farmaish astey ani aplya chavi pramaney loka chatnya ghaltat 😉 aaj tu sangitlya pramaney kadi patta sukvaycha vichar ahey 🙂

    Yes yes I was busy cooking last few days. Your misal is really tasty, chutneys enhanced the taste. Mala jar ase roj khayla milaley tar majach ahey. Its a meal cum chaat .Tuzya tithe fresh herbs miltat basil etc tyanna pun preserve karu shakte

  6. Wow Yummy array of going light dishes buddy. Lovely choice.

    Thanks Seema :)It took lot of blog patrolling to bookmark these recipes 🙂

  7. Great choice of dishes to try and enjoy:))
    I LOVE Misal!!

    Thanks Asha 🙂 Even I like Misal. It gives a satisfaction of eating a bhel and a meal at the same time .

  8. he he he…so playing safely? 😉 i agree we need to go lite 🙂
    saw ur comment in my blog archu…sorry was not keeping well since past week and i am on sick leave now. so couldn’t come n check ur blog b4. here is the link to my grilled veg recipe: http://supriyakrishna.blogspot.com/2007/03/grilled-vegetables-with-guacamole.html
    just copy this url and paste where u want to provide the link. hope it helps u:)

    After the sweets I had to go lite 🙂

    How are you keeping now ? Hope you are feeling better.Take care and eat well 🙂
    Thanks for the link.I needed it to link it with your name in my post. I made grilled vegees from your recipe. I have copied and pasted as you have said. Take care 🙂

  9. I am glad u chose sambar as one of the ‘lite’ entries. It is the ‘perfect’ meal you cud ask for – Dal and veges.

    Yes , sambhar and rice is a perfect meal. I adore south Indian food.
    Also thanks for stopping by 🙂

  10. hi archana…after many days i visited ur blog…i’m very busy these days.. hr u?
    ur recipes r cool…u tried them finally…the grilled veggies r good..

    Yes Shanti I was missing you 🙂 The grilled vegees were too good, but I grilled them a little too much .

  11. delicious, all the pictures look amazing, that’s quite a treat 🙂

    Thanks Mandira 🙂 It has been a feast for us for the last couple of days :))

  12. Helllooo…i see a pastry cake in the first pic…so that was a bit more than ‘lite’ :))))))

    No no they are chutney sandwiches piled up, we ate them with the misal hee heehe. I am going lite Shn can’t think of pastries 🙂

  13. Thats a lovely treat there!! But if you are eating all of those dishes, it isn’t lite anymore ;)))

    Hee he hee that would be over eating and create tyres at the waist 🙂 )))

  14. So you still resting after all the feasting eh???:)..I took part for RCI after seeing yours..chose the easiest entry …see I am far lazier than u..:D

    haa haaha 🙂 ))) I have been a little busy for the past few days, but I will prove it to you that I am lazier than you 🙂 ))))

  15. O my u cooked 4 dishes …. u sure are going lite Archana. All the recipes u chose look great.<strong>
    Thanx Prema 🙂 All are my favorite so enjoyed making them 🙂

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